watchOS 10.5 fixes a major issue (iPhone News #21)

A major problem with the Apple Watch is solved with watchOS 10.5 and Shazam has a handy update. This was the most important Apple and iPhone news of the week!

New iPhone SE becomes more expensive again (but remains affordable)

iPhone SE 4 worth

Rumors have been appearing for some time about the next generation iPhone SE, which will receive a major update compared to the current model. One of the main selling points of the iPhone SE is its relatively low price, but that is likely to become much higher.

How expensive will the SE be?

iOS 17.5.1 is out (and fixes this problem on your iPhone)

iOS 17.5.1 update

Another update for the iPhone is available! Unfortunately, iOS 17.5 did not come without problems, which is why Apple chose to release an interim update. iOS 17.5.1 does not bring any new features to the iPhone, but fixes an annoying problem from iOS 17.5.

This is the problem

Shazam gets a new feature for iPhone (and it’s very useful)


Do you regularly search for music with Shazam? Then we have good news! Apple has introduced a new feature to Shazam, which many users will probably be very happy with. This is new.

Everything about Shazam

iPad Air 2024 review: The largest iPad is finally affordable

ipad air 2024

We can be brief about the iPad Air 2024, because the tablet has become a bit better. But what exactly has changed and should you upgrade immediately? Read all about it in this iPad Air 2024 review!

How good is the iPad Air 2024?

iPhone 17 Slim may be the biggest update since iPhone X

iPhone 17 Ultra update

The iPhone 17 Slim will be an extremely thin iPhone with amazing specifications. That’s not all, because the iPhone 17 Slim will probably be the biggest update since the iPhone X! Curious about all the changes to the telephone? We put them together for you.

The iPhone 17 Slim?

watchOS 10.5 solves battery problem: install the update quickly

watchOS 10

Apple released watchOS 10.4 in March, bringing a number of new features to the Apple Watch. Unfortunately, the update not only brought fixes, but also created a new problem. Users complained that the Apple Watch ran out of power much faster.

This is new in watchOS 10.5

Should Apple change the name iPhone? The creator thinks so

name iPhone

Ken Segall is responsible for the ‘i’ on Apple devices, but he now thinks it’s time to drop the iPhone name altogether. Instead, it’s time for a completely new name. Does Apple plan to stop using the iPhone name?

End of the iPhone?

iPhone 16 Pro Max will have not one, but two 48 MP cameras

camera iphone 16 pro

More is known about the camera of the iPhone 16 Pro Max, because the phone will reportedly have an ultra-wide-angle lens that is much better. The iPhone 16 Pro Max probably has two cameras with 48 megapixels. We already know this!

Two times 48 MP

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