watchOS 11 beta 2 is out: these new features are included in the update

In addition to the update for the iPhone, beta 2 of watchOS 11 has also been released. But what are the new features in this Apple Watch update?

watchOS 11 beta 2 is out: these new features are included in the update

Owners of an Apple Watch with the beta software are also allowed to update. Apple has released a new version of watchOS. The beta 2 of watchOS 11 seems to consist mainly of bug fixes and minor updates to the software. For example, an issue from the first beta where the Workout app crashed has been resolved. This happened when you started a new Workout while the old one was still running.

watchos 11 overview

watchOS 11: these are the most important new features

The update to watchOS 11 introduces the new Vitals app. The app in watchOS 11 analyzes your heart rate, breathing rate, wrist temperature, sleep duration and oxygen saturation, giving you more insight into your health and important measurements. You can also see at a glance whether there are any deviations. You can get a notification when two or more values ​​are out of the usual range.

In addition, you can improve your workouts with Training Load. The activity rings on your Apple Watch can also finally be paused and the translation app is available.

In watchOS 11, Shazam on the Apple Watch will also receive support for the smart stack. You will see this stack when you turn the Digital Crown upwards on the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch then chooses the widgets that you see here. The watch then takes your location, time and more into account.

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