What is the best sports watch for me?

A sports watch is a watch with functions aimed at practicing a sport, such as a stopwatch, a heart rate monitor or tide table. In this article we give you tips for finding a good watch for sports and the Top 5 best sports watches on our site.

You can succeed with your good intentions for 2023 with the best sports watch!

Characteristics of a good watch for sports

Which sports watch suits you best depends on the sport you practice, what functions you need and of course your budget is also important.
Whatever sport you practice, a good sports watch must be able to withstand a beating. Many sports watches are made of scratch-resistant material. In addition, a watch for sports must at least be resistant to sweat. Therefore, preferably choose a watch made of plastic or another corrosion-resistant material such as steel.

If you want to be able to shower with your watch on, it must be at least 5 ATM (50 meters) waterproof and if you want to be able to swim with the watch on, a water resistance of 10 ATM (100 meters) is required.
If you want to know more about the water resistance of watches, read the information on our page about water resistance.

It is of course also important that the watch fits comfortably and does not hinder you when exercising. Choose a lightweight material such as plastic or titanium and an easily adjustable strap, for example made of silicone or textile.

Olympic Sport Biking OL45HKR010 watch

▴ Olympic Sport Biking OL45HKR010

Citizen Promaster JR4061-18E Promaster watch

▴ Citizen Promaster JR4061-18E Promaster – Sailhawk yacht timer

Which sports watch suits me?

Before purchasing a sports watch, first consider what requirements the watch must meet. Are you a beginner who goes for an occasional jog, or do you run several marathons a year?

As a beginner, some basic functions are probably sufficient, while competitive athletes need extensive training data and analyses.

It may sound strange, but with sports watches, the simpler the better. Because the better the watch suits your sport, the easier it is to operate. You don’t have to scroll through all kinds of menus every time.
If you practice multiple sports, or exercise at a high level, then an extensive multi-sport watch is very practical.

On our sports watches page, you can use filters to find exactly the watches in your price range that contain the functions you are looking for. You can also filter by material and color, because the eye also wants something natural.

G-Shock G-Lide surf watches

▴ G-Shock G-Lide surf watches

What are the Top 5 best sports watches?

The question “What is the best sports watch?” is very personal and depends on your personal wishes. The following five most popular sports watches on our site are in any case the best in their ‘branch of sport’.

Number 5 – Swiss precision for cyclists: Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar

The Swiss watch brand Tissot has a long tradition of providing time measurements at sporting events such as the Tour de France, where every hundredth of a second counts. The Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar sports watch is a hybrid Swiss watch that combines a traditional timepiece with connected sports functions and a touchscreen. The timepiece has an in-house developed operating system with ultra-low power, so that the solar battery always delivers the best performance.

Tissot T-Touch T1214204705103 T-Touch Connect watch
▴ Tissot T-Touch T1214204705103 T-Touch Connect Solar watch with Bluetooth

Number 4 – For water sports enthusiasts and divers: PADI certified diving watches from Seiko

Seiko Prospex diving watches are highly regarded by water sports enthusiasts. In collaboration with PADI – Professional Association of Diving Instructors – Seiko has developed a range of excellent diving watches that meet the highest quality standards.

Seiko SNE549P1 solar quartz diving watch

▴ SNE549P1 solar quartz diving watch

Seiko SNJ035P1 solar watch with diving log

▴ SNJ035P1 – ‘Arnie’ Analog-digital solar watch with dive log

seiko SSC795J1 Solar diving chronograph

▴ SSC795J1 Solar diving chronograph

Number 3 – Casio Pro Trek for outdoor enthusiasts

Are you a real outdoor athlete? Crazy about hiking, climbing and camping? Then a watch from the Casio Pro Trek line is the best choice for you. These watches contain all the functions you need for a survival trip, such as a compass, altimeter and barometer. You never have to set the time with outdoor watches with a radio-controlled movement, and if you choose a solar watch you never have to worry about the battery if you go out for longer!

PRG-270-1ER Longs Peak Digital outdoor watch

▴ PRG-270-1ER Longs Peak Digital outdoor watch

Pro Trek PRW-61MA-1AER watch

▴ Trek PRW-61MA-1AER Pro Trek x Mammut Limited Edition Radio controlled solar watch

PRG-340T-7ER Solar outdoor watch

▴ PRG-340T-7ER Solar outdoor watch made of biomass plastic.

Number 2 – For fitness fanatics and runners: G-Shock G-Squad watch with Bluetooth

If you participate in a sport where the watch has to endure a lot, then choosing a sports watch from G-Shock is recommended. G-Shock watches are extremely shock and impact resistant and waterproof.
The best sports watches from G-Shock are the watches from the G-Squad line. These watches contain functions for different sports that you can synchronize and track with your smartwatch via a Bluetooth connection.

G-Shock GBA-900-4AER sports watch

▴ GBA-900-4AER analog-digital sports watch with Bluetooth

G-Shock GBD-200UU-9ER sports watch

▴ GBD-200UU-9ER digital sports watch with Bluetooth

G-Shock GBD-800-8 Digital sports watch with Bluetooth

▴ GBD-800-8 Digital sports watch with Bluetooth

Number 1 – Garmin Marq: the best specialized GPS smartwatch for athletes

The smartwatches from the Garmin brand are the most popular watches for (professional) athletes. And the Garmin Marq is the absolute top in sports smartwatches. Garmin was originally a company that makes GPS navigation equipment and has applied these years of experience and innovations to what are perhaps the very best sports watches to date.

In the Garmin Marq collection you will find very advanced sports watches with autonomous GPS and (country) maps, for example of golf courses. In addition, all these watches are equipped with extensive functions for a wide variety of sports, from swimming to running, kayaking, golf, trail running, mountain biking, and much more.
The Marq watches are made of lightweight high-grade titanium and equipped with a very comfortable and water-resistant titanium, plastic or tide textile strap.

Garmin 010-02648-41 MARQ Athlete

▴ 010-02648-41 MARQ Athlete

Garmin 010-02648-11 MARQ Captain

▴ 010-02648-11 MARQ Captain

Garmin 010-02648-21 MARQ Golfer

▴ 010-02648-21 MARQ Golfer

In addition to the fact that Garmin Marq represents the top segment in sports watches, these watches are so stylish that they also look great in a business environment.

Even if you have less demanding requirements for your sports watch, Garmin is the right place for you. The Garmin Fenix ​​watches are regularly tested as the best!

The best sports watch for women

In terms of functions, there is little difference between sports watches for women and men. Sports watches for women are generally slightly smaller and available in more colors.
Garmin has developed sports watches especially for women, with which you can, in addition to all your training, also keep track of data about your menstruation and pregnancy. The Garmin Vivomove, for example, is a hybrid training watch with real hands and a hidden touchscreen that allows you to look good not only at the gym.

Garmin Venu Sq2 Music Edition 010-02701-12 smartwatch

▴ Garmin Venu Sq2 Music Edition 010-02701-12 with music player

Garmin Vivomove 010-02566-02 smartwatch

▴ Garmin Vivomove 010-02566-02 Hybrid smartwatch with hidden touchscreen

Gamin Vivosmart 010-02645-11 activity tracker

▴ Gamin Vivosmart 010-02645-11 activity tracker

With the Venu Square you can control your favorite music while running or training. This is a compact and elegant sports watch that you can wear every day. Do you mainly want to keep track of your daily activity? Then the Vivosmart activity tracker is the perfect female sports watch. The soft silicone strap fits seamlessly around your wrist and gives the watch the look of a bracelet.

The best sports watch for men

Sports watches for men are generally larger and sturdier than watches for women. For example, the buttons of the G-Shock Mudmaster watch are specially made for operation under difficult conditions. Another really cool sports watch is the Garmin Tactix in stealth black with functions for sports hunters, among others.

Mudmaster GWG-2000-1A3ER watch

▴ Mudmaster GWG-2000-1A3ER with mud-resistant buttons

Garmin Tactix 7 010-02704-01 smartwatch

▴ Garmin Tactix 7 010-02704-01

Many more sporty watches at Techzle

Are you not much of a sporty person, but do you like the style of a sports watch? At Techzle you will also find a large selection of casual and sporty watches from various well-known brands. Lacoste’s 12.12 watches, for example, are based on the brand’s famous polo shirt with the crocodile.
Ice-Watch’s Sporty line consists of a series of brightly colored watches that match a casual clothing style, but with which you can also exercise and swim.

Lacoste 12.12 watch

▴ Lacoste 12.12 watch

Ice Sporty 019838

▴ Ice Sporty 019838

Sporty into 2023 with a new sports watch

With these tips you will certainly find the best sports watch to realize your sporting ambitions in 2023. Can’t choose? Then visit one of our stores and the employees will be happy to help you with personal advice.

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