WhatsApp has a new app for your Mac (and it’s way better)

A new WhatsApp app is available for your Mac(Book), making many more functions available on your Mac. This is new!

New version of WhatsApp for Mac

Do you regularly use WhatsApp on your Mac or MacBook? Then we have good news, because a new version of WhatsApp has been released for the Mac! And it was about time, because the current WhatsApp app was released in 2016 for the Mac. No real major update has been released since then, so several WhatsApp features were not yet available on the desktop version.

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The updated app now changes that. For example, it is now finally possible to make video calls via WhatsApp on your Mac. Up to eight people can then participate in the video call. Audio calls will also be added to the desktop version of WhatsApp, with up to 32 participants at a time. WhatsApp can also be used for business meetings, for example.

whatsapp updates

This is how you install the updated WhatsApp

Unfortunately, the new version of WhatsApp is not (yet) available in the App Store, where you will currently find an outdated version of the app. Want to download the latest update of WhatsApp on your Mac? Then you need to go to the WhatsApp website. You can then install the updated desktop version of WhatsApp for Mac via this page.

To install WhatsApp’s all-new app, your Mac must be running macOS 11 or later. Does your Mac no longer support the latest macOS versions? Then you can still send messages on WhatsApp, but via WhatsApp Web. It is not possible to make video calls or audio calls via the WhatsApp website. It is not yet clear whether these functions will eventually also be added to the web version.

whatsapp updates

Learn more about WhatsApp

Before you can use WhatsApp’s new app on your Mac, you’ll need to scan your profile’s QR code. Once you scan this code with your iPhone, all your chats will load on the desktop version of WhatsApp. You can then send messages and make video and audio calls from your Mac, without needing your iPhone. Handy if your phone is not nearby.

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Are you enthusiastic about the new app for your Mac(Book) and do you want to know more about WhatsApp? Earlier we explained how to edit already sent messages on WhatsApp. Do you want to be online on WhatsApp without anyone noticing? Read here exactly how to do that.

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