WhatsApp introduces new privacy measure against third parties

WhatsApp introduces new privacy measure against third parties

WhatsApp wants to make it harder for third-party apps to reach you. A new privacy measure is being introduced, which means that third parties that you have not given your explicit permission for this will not be able to see everything about you.

Privacy and WhatsApp

On the one hand, privacy is something you have to give up when you use WhatsApp, but on the other, WhatsApp does take steps to protect the users of its messaging app. The new asset is according to Wabeta info that unknown contacts can’t see when you last opened the app or what your online status is.

This concerns people or companies who have never chatted with you. WhatsApp indicates that it has chosen this to ensure the privacy and security of its users. It writes: “This will not change anything between you and your friends, family and businesses you know or have exchanged messages with in the past.”

Against Stalker Apps

Although it seems that WhatsApp mainly does this to thwart other people, it is actually mainly about apps that keep track of when you were last seen on WhatsApp and what your online status is. Those apps are frequently used by stalkers to monitor their target. It is already very difficult to do anything about stalking, so for victims of these practices it is a welcome addition to WhatsApp not to reveal that information anymore. It only applies to accounts you’ve never spoken to (and stalker apps don’t have that, so they can’t keep up with it then).

WhatsApp introduces new privacy measure against third parties

If you look at contacts you’ve already contacted, but can’t see their online status, it’s because someone has probably enabled only their contacts to see it. This is a test that is now running within the WhatsApp beta for both Android and iOS. By the way, have you noticed that with voice messages you can now see that real volume is recorded? Very useful if you are not sure whether the microphones in your earbuds are doing their job.

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