When is Black Friday 2022 and 6 tips to prepare

It’s almost that time again: Black Friday is coming! iPhoned tells you when to be ready and we also give you 6 tips to prepare well for Black Friday 2022! Then you know for sure that you will soon get the best deals!

When is Black Friday 2022

Black Friday is an annual phenomenon in which (online) stores offer significant discounts. It came over from America and takes place the day after Thanksgiving Day.

Most Americans have that Friday off. The big discount party has also become extremely popular in recent years and is often used here to stock cheap gifts for Sinterklaas and Christmas.

Black Friday officially falls on November 25 this year, but most major stores start stunting much earlier. The first offers will come during ‘Singles Day’, which falls on November 11 every year. But even then there are already offers to be found.

Black Friday 2022

With so many offers and discounts, it is difficult to spot the real price gems. Therefore, keep the iPhonedwebsite carefully and also subscribe to the newsletter.

We collect the best deals for you throughout November. Saves you a lot of time and research! In addition, we also have a number of handy tips for you not to miss out.

The best tips for Black Friday 2022

Before Black Friday 2022 really starts, we have the following tips to help you prepare well. This way you can be sure that you get the best discounts and (also important) do not spend too much!

1. Make a wish list

Of course it’s nice to randomly browse through the Black Friday 2022 offers, but you better not do that. Make a list in advance of devices and products that you really want. Are you going for a new iPhone 14 Pro? Or would you prefer the new AirPods Pro 2?

By focusing in this way, you are less likely to have some items sold out and you will avoid spending too much money.

2. Determine your budget

Together with the previous tip for Black Friday 2022, it is important to determine your budget in advance. This prevents you from letting yourself go too much and later on buying products that you actually don’t need at all.

Black Friday 2022

3. Get extra discounts

At some stores you can earn extra discounts on top of the already insane prices. You can often sign up for a newsletter that gives you an extra discount. Therefore, check the websites in advance to see if there are already discount codes that you can use later.

4. Shop online and save time

Not only online stores are participating in Black Friday 2022, regular stores are also full of discounted items. Nevertheless, it is often best to shop online during the weeks around Black Friday 2022. You save a lot of time and you avoid long queues.

5. Start creating accounts now

If you already know where you want to score during the Black Friday 2022 days, it is smart to create an account with the websites now. You can then log in immediately and do not have to fill in all your details first.

6. Don’t wait too long: Gone = Gone

The last tip of our Black Friday 2022 tips is perhaps the most important: don’t wait too long. If you have found an interesting offer with a nice discount, you have to act quickly.

Often the best offers are also the quickest way and also applies here = gone. It would be a shame if you miss out on that big discount because you hesitated too long.

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