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WiZ Neon Flex Strip: bendable lighting for your favorite room

Do you really want to do something special with the light in your game room or favorite room? Then the WiZ Neon Flex Strip is definitely something for you!


  • Bright and bright colors

  • Easy to get into shape

  • Beautiful light animations and effects


  • Silicone hose is dust sensitive

  • Amount of effects a bit meager

  • Just enough number of holders

WiZ Neon Flex Strip: bendable lighting

A light strip with colored lights has of course been around for some time. But this WiZ Neon Flex Strip is a lot of fun. You can design the flexible light cord yourself. This way you can easily ‘fold’ it into different shapes.

neon light

For example, think of a star, a music clef or a heart. You can also choose to run the light cord along your window or television. The possibilities are virtually endless.

View the WiZ Neon Flex at

Holders, stickers and screws

In addition to the light strip, the box also contains holders to hang the flexible hose on the wall in the desired shape. It is then smart to first try out the shape on the ground. In addition to the holders, you get stickers to stick them to a smooth surface and screws to hang it on the wall.

When making a test mold on the floor, place a clean sheet underneath, because the silicone hose easily attracts dust and dirt and is then somewhat more difficult to clean.

Neon flex

Tip: you don’t necessarily have to use the holders to get the light strip into shape. For example, you can also bend a piece of binding wire into shape and attach the light strip to it with cable ties. Then you can more easily keep the light strip in shape and hang it somewhere on the wall.

Neon flex
Annoying: the silicone hose quickly attracts dust

The lights in the Neon Flex Strip are really bright and that is nice. The colors look good and you can set quite a few color variations and animations with the app. These animations also look nice and there is usually something for you that matches your taste and your room.

The material of the hose gives the light a matte appearance, which secretly makes it extra stylish. The snake is 3 meters long and that is enough for simple figures. Still, we would have liked it better if it were just a little longer.

wiz flex 2

Also with Matter

Also nice: the WiZ Neon Flex Strip is Matter certified. So you can easily connect it to the Home app and let it work with other Matter-certified devices.

Neon flex


The Neon Flex Strip from WiZ gives a nice, bright light and you have many nice light effects. The cord can easily be bent into the desired shape and making figures is quite fun. Unfortunately, it is a bit too sensitive to dust. The material makes it difficult to dust it off afterwards. We would also have liked to see more color effects to set.

Buy WiZ Neon Flex Strip

After reading this review, would you like to get started with this bendable light strip yourself? The WiZ Neon Flex Strip has a suggested retail price of 99 euros. But it is now also available cheaper. It is currently for sale at for 79.99 euros.

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