Woman finds bicycle via AirTag: this is how you hide one on your bicycle

The use of technology to recover stolen property is becoming more and more common. For example, a woman in Utrecht found her stolen bicycle thanks to an AirTag. Reason enough to also hide one on your bike. That’s how you do that!

Bike found via AirTag

Beatriz Spaltemberg and her husband William Lacerda have hidden an AirTag on their bicycles. And that turned out to be no superfluous luxury! Beatriz had locked her bike at the gym, but had forgotten to take the key out. So her bike was gone an hour later.


She opened the Find My app on her iPhone and immediately saw where her bike was. She called the police and explained what was going on. Two officers went with her, looking for the bicycle. They found it at the place indicated by the iPhone. With the function ‘Accurate search‘ she was able to prove that the bicycle that was attached to a lamppost was actually hers.

Secure your bike, hide an AirTag

This shows that it is certainly worthwhile to equip your bicycle with an AirTag. Of course it is important that you hide the AirTag well. We give you a few useful options for you to try:

1. AirTag in your bicycle bell

bike air tag

A smart idea is to hide an AirTag in the bicycle bell on your bike, although that is now more and more obvious. Yet it remains a handy place and with the AirBell it is also a piece of cake. The AirBell fits on any bicycle handlebar with a diameter of 22mm and is easy to attach. You buy the AirBell for 24.99 euros.

View the AirBell at Bol.com

2. AirTag under your seat

LAUT AirTag holder

Another smart way to hide an AirTag on your bike is under your saddle. But you need a holder for that. We recommend the LAUT AirTag holder, which you firmly secure under your saddle with two screws. You buy this holder 18.90 euros.

View the Laut AirTag for your bicycle saddle at Applehoes.nl

Secure your bike, buy an AirTag

If you don’t have an AirTag yet, view the deals below and purchase one for a good price. Or buy a few right away, so that you can easily find your suitcases, car keys and wallet from now on!

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