WWDC easter egg: The website has a secret (and here’s how you’ll find it)

The WWDC is coming and also this year the website has a secret. iPhoned tells you how to find this WWDC easter egg!

WWDC easter egg: website with a secret

Are you also curious about which major features are coming to the iPhone and iPad this year? Apple will unveil (almost) all of them at the 2022 WWDC. This is an event showcasing the latest operating systems.

wwdc easter egg

The WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) will start on Monday, June 6, at 7:00 PM Dutch time. As of this writing, Apple is unveiling iOS 16, iPadOS 17, macOS 13, and watchOS 9.

There is also a special website where you can read more information about the event. But did you know that the WWDC website also has an easter egg? Have a look and follow the steps below!

WWDC easter egg: view secret on the website

  1. Open safari on your iPhone or iPad;

  2. Surf to the WWDC website

  3. Tap one of the faces of the WWDC22 logo with your finger;

  4. Look around and you’ll see a pack of trading cards on the floor;

  5. Tap it and look at the cards.

Do you click on the logo and nothing happens? Then your iPhone or iPad does not support the WWDC easter egg. Does it work for you? Then you can look at the cards from all sides.

wwdc easter egg secret code

There is even a secret on the cards themselves. If you look at the bottom of the map from a certain angle, you’ll see a bit of programming code. By the way, not everyone gets to see the same cards. And there’s even a post on Twitter about a special rainbow card.

We do not know which cards you will see. Maybe you can check out the special rainbow card in the WWDC easter egg? Let us know in the comments!

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