Yet another iPhone 15 problem: users complain about burn-in

It squeaks and creaks with the new iPhone 15 (Pro). Previously there were complaints about overheating, discoloration of the titanium frame and more. Now several iPhone 15 Pro users are reporting that they are experiencing burn-in.

iPhone 15 burn-in

Burn-in is a phenomenon in which part of the screen permanently shows a ‘ghost image’ of something that was previously on the screen. This can happen, for example, if you look at the same app for a long time, or if you have a static image on your screen.

In recent years we have not heard any complaints about this with the iPhone, but there appears to be a risk of burn-in with the OLED screen of the iPhone 15 Pro. On various forums – including Apple Support, Reddit and MacRumors – several iPhone 15 Pro users are complaining about permanent discoloration on the screen panel.

Ghost image

“I got my iPhone 15 Pro Max on release day and I’m loving it so far,” one user wrote Reddit. ‘But after a few nights I noticed something that looked like a ghost. On closer inspection it is definitely burn-in.’

With a dark gray image at a low brightness, the burn-in would be clearly visible. Above are the two photos that the Reddit user sent to the forum. In the image on the left, according to the user, it looks worse than it is. According to him, the second image is a better representation of what it looks like with the naked eye.

According to the Reddit user, the problem occurred during normal usage, such as browsing the web and watching videos. “It seems like the home screen is the main contributor, but I also see the thumbnail of a YouTube video I watched, which is strange.”

More complaints

The user is not alone, because several iPhone users respond in the thread that they also suffer from the problem – often to a lesser extent. Also on the Apple Support forum shares someone posted a photo of an iPhone 15 Pro Max showing serious signs of burn-in. ‘Wow! It’s been two weeks. This is the worst phone ever released by Apple’. Also on MacRumors a user shares a photo of an iPhone 15 Pro with a very striking one burn-in.

It is unusual for OLED screens to show signs of burn-in so quickly. Burn-in is prevented with all kinds of techniques, such as jumping pixels so that they are occasionally switched off. As a result, burn-in has never actually been an issue since the iPhone X.

So it seems to be a thing with the iPhone 15. Are you also facing this problem? Be sure to visit the Apple Store or contact Apple Support. There is a good chance that Apple will replace the screen for you, or that you will even get a new device.

iPhone 15 problems

iPhone 15 burn-in isn’t the only problem users are facing. There are also complaints about crackling noise in the speaker, finger marks on the titanium frame, dust particles in the camera lens and overheating.

Do you also suffer from burn-in or other problems with your iPhone 15? Let us know in the comments! Also check out our iPhone 15 review.

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