You can connect all of this to the USB-C of the iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 is Apple’s first phone with a USB-C port, but what can you connect to the device? We list the options for you!

iPhone 15 has USB-C

Last year, Apple switched from Lightning to USB-C with the iPhone. That made the iPhone 15 Apple’s first phone with a USB-C port. It was not voluntarily that Apple said goodbye to the Lightning connection, because this was the result of new European legislation. According to these regulations, all new electronic devices must have a USB-C connection from November 2024.

In this way, the European Union is trying to reduce the amount of electronic waste in the future. That’s not the only advantage that USB-C has, because you can now charge your iPhone, iPad, AirPods and MacBook with the same cable. In addition, more devices can be connected to the iPhone 15 now that the device has a USB-C port. We will tell you what options you have now!


1. Charge other devices with iPhone 15

A major advantage of the new USB-C connection on the iPhone 15 is the option to charge other devices. This way you can charge an iPhone or your AirPods with your iPhone 15. This is always wired, so you cannot charge other devices wirelessly via the iPhone 15. Charging other devices is done in different ways, depending on the cable you use. the iPhone 15.

When you connect another iPhone via a Lightning connection, this phone will always be charged by the iPhone 15. Are you connecting two iPhone 15 models together? The device with the lowest battery percentage will then be charged. This applies to all devices that you connect with a USB-C cable, including a Samsung device, for example. This means you can also charge the iPhone 15 via other phones if the iPhone has a lower battery percentage.

Charging iPhone

2. Connect iPhone 15 to external displays

While you could not connect iPhones with a Lightning port directly to an external screen, this is possible with the iPhone 15 with USB-C. For this you need a USB-C to HDMI cable, then your phone will automatically connect to the external display. This makes it much easier, for example, to show your photos to friends after a holiday, or to start a presentation via a projector.

Don’t have a USB-C to HDMI cable? Then you can also use an adapter with an HDMI and USB-C connection. If you use a MacBook, chances are you already have such an adapter. Plug the accessory’s USB-C cable into the iPhone 15 and connect the external screen via the HDMI cable. Your iPhone will then also be mirrored on the larger screen. Operation is still possible via the telephone’s touchscreen.

3. Use external drive with USB-C

It is advisable to save (a backup of) your photos on an external drive once in a while. This way you can be sure that your images and videos are safe, which is useful if your iPhone breaks or is stolen. With previous generations of iPhones you needed a Mac (Book) or other laptop for this, but with the iPhone 15 this is much easier thanks to the new USB-C port.

With the latest iPhone you can connect the external drive directly to the phone. You only need the right cable for this, but you no longer have to start your laptop. In fact, one function is only possible if you have connected an external drive to the iPhone 15. Recording ProRes videos in 4K at 60 frames per second is possible, so that the large video files are stored directly on the external drive.

iPhone 15 USB-C

4. Connect accessories to the iPhone 15 with USB-C

Finally, with the USB-C connection it is finally possible to easily connect accessories to the iPhone 15. With iPhones with a Lightning connection you had far fewer options, because with the iPhone 15 you can connect almost all accessories with USB c connect. This way you can connect earphones, headphones and other wired devices without any problems, provided they use a USB-C cable.

This also applies to keyboards and wired internet. You can already connect Apple’s Magic Keyboard via Bluetooth, but in some cases it is better to opt for a wired connection. The USB-C connection of the iPhone 15 now makes this possible, all you have to do is connect the devices. Most accessories will then automatically work on your iPhone. If you want to use wired internet, you will need a USB-C to Ethernet cable.

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The new USB-C connection on the iPhone 15 gives you many more options for connecting external devices. In many cases you no longer need an adapter, but can directly connect the telephone to other devices. Apple has equipped all iPhone 15 models with the USB-C connection. Do you want to take advantage of the useful functions? Below you will find the cheapest prices for the iPhone 15.

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