You can hide your online status in the WhatsApp beta on Android

You can hide your online status in the WhatsApp beta on Android

We’ve known it was coming for a while, but it’s now also been spotted in WhatsApp’s beta: the ability to hide your online status. Right now you can disable people knowing you’ve read something and when you were last online, but you can now hide that you’re online when you are in the beta.

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A big advantage for people who like to keep their privacy and don’t like others to see when they WhatsApp. If you participate in the beta of WhatsApp and have version on your phone, you can experience what that is like. WhatsApp previously made it possible to only show your ‘last seen’ status to certain people in your address book, but now your online activity is added to that, something people who don’t do blue checks will probably appreciate.

You will soon be able to WhatsApp without anyone seeing that you are WhatsApping. Although you can still see someone typing. The further online status can now be completely hidden. The cool thing for Android fans is that iOS users were thought to be earlier with the new option, but it’s instead making its debut this weekend in Android’s beta.

Hide online status

The people of WABetaInfo discovered the new function. If you are in the beta, you can see that you can adjust things in Settings > Account > Privacy > Last seen and online. Specifically, it’s under ‘Who can see my last seen’ status. Here you can set who can see that you are online and who is not. If some people do see it, then it is now adjustable. You can choose everyone, nobody, contacts only and ‘contacts only, except…’. Ideal for a little more private, for example from a curious manager.

Once you can, would you hide your online status? Leave in the comments to this article what you choose and why. If you want of course.

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