You will use this new feature in iOS 17.2 every day

In iOS 17.2, your iPhone gets a few nice features. And you will soon use this new function every day.

You will use this new feature in iOS 17.2 every day

Apple is not sitting still and there is already a beta of iOS 17.2. This new version contains quite a number of new features. You will still have to wait a while until iOS 17.2 is available to everyone, but we can already tell you: you will soon use one function in iOS 17.2 every day.

diary app

This is the Diary app (or Journal in English). The Diary app is an app for keeping track of your daily thoughts, activities and goals. What’s special is that the Diary app also uses AI (machine learning) to help you think of topics to write about.

The proposals you are presented with are based on your behavior. That is, your behavior within your iPhone. The app uses your photos, but also the locations you visit, the music and podcasts you listen to, the workouts you do and basically anything else you can think of. Fortunately, you can decide for yourself which data the app can and cannot include in its suggestions.

diary iphone

You can also share your biggest secrets in the app with confidence. The data is secured through end-to-end encryption. You also have the option to lock the Diary app with Face ID or Touch ID in iOS 17.2.

More new features in iOS 17.2

The Diary app is of course not the only new feature in iOS 17.2. There are many more useful features coming to your iPhone. Consider, for example, new widgets and creating a playlist together in Apple Music. Would you like to know more about what’s new? Then read the article below.

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