You wish you had known this Dynamic Island trick sooner

The Dynamic Island on your iPhone is already incredibly useful, but this hidden trick makes it even more useful.

Dynamic Island trick

The Dynamic Island on the iPhone 15 (Plus), iPhone 15 Pro (Max) and iPhone 14 Pro (Max) has many functions. You can use it to track your timers, your current music, your ordered pizza, the score of a football match and much more. By tapping it you go to the corresponding app. And by holding it, the island becomes bigger and you can see more details.

But there’s another Dynamic Island trick you can use. When you have something in the Dynamic Island, you can swipe over it. Then the app disappears and is no longer in the way. This can be useful, for example, if you no longer want that ticking timer in your screen. But this gesture has another function, and it has to do with multitasking.

iphones dynamic island

Multitasking with the Dynamic Island

When you use multiple apps with a Dynamic Island function at the same time, such as Music and Clock, they appear next to each other. One has a pill shape, the other becomes a ball next to the pill shape. By swiping over it you remove the ball. Doing this again will turn the entire island black. And if you then swipe across the island again, both apps will return to the screen. You can see how swiping works in one video from MKBHD.

These types of hidden gestures are more common in iOS than you think. For example, tapping the clock at the top left takes you to the top of a list or page, and you can check items in a list (as in Mail) by dragging two fingers across the screen.

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