Your favorite G-Shocks upgraded with Metal

We have of course known the G-Steel line from G-Shock for a few years now, with watches made entirely of stainless steel. The GMW-B5000D and the GMW-B5000GD – inspired by the very first DW-5000C from 1983 – now have a true cult status. Partly due to the success of these watches, G-shock has decided to combine steel with plastic in the G-Metal line-up and has thus given its own classics a spectacular upgrade. ‘Born in resin, evolved to metal’.

Nice to meet you again: the G-Metal upgrades

GM-5600 – The Origin

The new G-Metal models have the same design as the original plastic-made square G-Shock 5600 line, but with a forged stainless steel case edge. The watches have an extra sturdy look due to the use of metal combined with the comfortable fit of a lightweight plastic watch. The new models are available in the combinations of silver & black (GM-5600-1) and a black ionized case with army green strap (GM-5600B-3).

Photo GM-5600-1
▴ GM-5600-1

Photo GM-5600B-3
▴ GM-5600B-3

GM-6900 – Triple Graph

The GM6900 series, also called ‘Triple Graph’, dates back to 1996. A real classic. The three latest GM6900 models are a variant of the basic model with a stainless steel case edge. The unique shape of the case, which is quite easy to make from plastic, is only created in metal after a forming process of approximately twenty (!) forging phases and various cutting and polishing steps.

The GM-6900 is available with a black strap and silver or gold case (GM-6900-1ER and GM-6900G-9ER), or with a red strap and black ionized case (GM-6900B-4ER).

The special edition of this model has a transparent plastic strap and an engraved silver-colored case (GM-6900SCM-1ER).

Photo GM-6900B-4ER
▴ GM-6900B-4ER

Photo GM-6900SCM-1ER
▴ GM-6900SCM-1ER


The GA-110 is one of G-Shock’s all-time most popular watches that has now been upgraded with a metal casing that further emphasizes the mechanical design. The silver (GM-110-1AER) and gold (GM-110G-1A9ER) version have all the functionality known from the GA-110; Good shock resistance, stopwatch functions, world times and so on. And the eye also wants something natural. This new GM-110 looks super slick.

Photo GM-110-1AER
▴ GM-110-1AER

Photo GM-110G-1A9ER
▴ GM-110G-1A9ER

Stay connected with G-Steel

But it’s not just Classics that counts at G-Shock! In the G-Steel collection you will find various models that are equipped with the latest gadgets in the field of connected smart functions. With the GST-B100 and GST-B300 models you get everything you’re used to from G-Shock with many extras. Knowing more? Then read this article.

Photo GST-B100
▴ GST-B100

Photo GST-B300
▴ GST-B300

Always the latest G-Shock watches at Techzle

At Techzle you will always find the latest G-Shock watches. You have also come to the right place for exclusive limited and special editions. Need advice or help choosing the right G-Shock for you? Our employees in stores and online are happy to help you!

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