Your Mac contains a secret Bitcoin document – here’s how to find it

Hidden documents are regularly found in macOS and this week it was hit again. It turns out that your Mac has a secret Bitcoin document! That’s how you find it.

Secret Bitcoin document on your Mac

There are many files on your Mac that you probably don’t know about. These documents can only be found when you perform a certain task on your Mac, such as performing a test or searching for a specific function. The files are therefore well hidden and are not intended to be found by the average Mac user.

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Nevertheless, a well-hidden file has now been found. And the content is striking, because there is a Bitcoin document on your Mac. It is unclear why exactly this file is on your Mac, Apple itself has not (yet) responded to the discovery of the document. Do you have a Mac from 2019 or newer? Then there is a good chance that the Bitcoin file can also be found on your Mac.

Your Mac contains a secret Bitcoin document – here’s how to find it

This is how you find the hidden Bitcoin file

Are you curious if the Bitcoin document is also on your Mac? In any case, the file can be found on all devices that run on macOS Catalina or later. The fastest way to find the file on your Mac is through Terminal, which is a program installed on your device by default. Open Terminal and then enter the following code:

open /System/Library/Image Capture/Devices/

After pasting the code into Terminal (and pressing enter), the document about the Bitcoin will automatically appear. You can also search for the document via Finder, as follows:

  1. Open ‘Finder’ on your Mac and click on ‘Macintosh HD’;

  2. Go to ‘System > Library’;

  3. Choose ‘Image Capture > Devices’;

  4. Click on ‘’ with the Control key pressed;

  5. Go to ‘Show Package Contents > Contents > Resources’;

  6. Then open ‘simpledoc.pdf’.

So it is not clear why exactly this Bitcoin document is on your Mac. It is quite possible that this is an error and that the document ended up in macOS unintentionally. There is therefore a good chance that this will be solved by Apple in a new macOS version. The document can do no harm, but you can of course already remove it from your Mac yourself.

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