Thanks to the handy Ziggo Go app, Ziggo customers have been able to watch television whenever and wherever they want for years. Soon, users without a Ziggo subscription will also be able to stream European football matches with this app.

The Ziggo GO app has been popular for years among Ziggo customers to watch television anywhere and anytime. They can enjoy their favorite programs, films, series and sports events on their smartphone, tablet, smart TV or media player. And that can be at home, on the road in the Netherlands or on holiday in Europe.
What is new is that users without a Ziggo subscription will be able to stream European football matches with the app from August. Football fans who are not Ziggo customers and do not have a subscription to the additional channel package Ziggo Sport Totaal, can enjoy all matches of the participating Dutch clubs and the finals of the UEFA tournaments for free via the Ziggo GO app from August with a Ziggo Sport Free account.
So: with a Ziggo Sport Free account, non-Ziggo customers also get exclusive access to the matches of participating Dutch clubs and the finals of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Conference League.

Ziggo GO app features
The functionalities of the Ziggo GO app are extensive and versatile. Customers with a Ziggo TV subscription have standard access to the app at no extra cost. All you need is a My Ziggo account and an internet connection via Wi-Fi or 4G/5G. With the Ziggo GO app, Ziggo customers have all the functionalities below, in addition to all the linear TV channels they watch on their TV.
The main features of the Ziggo GO app are:
• watch live TV from more than 70 TV channels, with the option to restart programs if you missed something;
• watch programs up to 7 days back, so you don’t miss anything;
• record programs, ideal for films and series that you want to watch later;
• stream to your TV, so you can easily connect multiple TVs in your home to your smartphone or tablet, via Chromecast or Airplay;
• offline viewing, allowing you to download movies and series for on the go and
• watch simultaneously on up to three devices, perfect for families or shared households.

Install Ziggo GO app
The Ziggo GO app is available for free to everyone on mobile and tablet via the Dutch App store (Apple) and Google Play (Android). There is also a Ziggo GO TV app available for various smart TVs, including devices with Android TV 5.0 and higher, Tizen 5.0 and higher (for Samsung smart TVs from 2020 and newer) and WebOS 5.0 and higher (for a large selection of LG smart TVs from 2020 and newer).
In addition, viewers can install the Ziggo GO app on external media players, such as Apple TV, Google TV (Android TV) and Amazon Fire TV stick. The app also works on various new media boxes from other providers that run on Android TV. It is also possible to stream the matches to TV via Airplay and/or Chromecast.
To be on time for the first matches in August, viewers can now create a free Ziggo Sport Free account at and then download the Ziggo GO app. Until the start of the matches in August, everyone can temporarily watch Ziggo Sport programmes via the app, including practice matches of Ajax, PSV and AZ. On Thursday 25 July, Ziggo Sport will also broadcast the first matches in the preliminary rounds of European football.