Back to basics: MG ZS EV

MG is back and had a flying start. Although the car was only available in the last months of 2019, more than 1,000 customers proceeded to purchase a new electric ZS. A special achievement, because the Opel Ampera-e (882) and Jaguar I-Pace (769), for example, sold fewer copies. The attractive pricing of the British Chinese probably plays a major role in this.

MG ZS EV Comfort
€ 30,985

After we waved goodbye to MG about 15 years ago, the brand remained silent in our country. After the Chinese restart of the brand, the arrival of a fully electric model offers new opportunities. Entirely contrary to the model policy of the past, the new ZS has become a compact crossover. The Dutch price list consists of two versions: the Comfort and the Luxury. With a basic price of € 30,985, the Comfort (photo 1 and 2) is the cheapest. The price difference with the Luxury (photo 3 and 4) is only € 2,000.

The difference between both versions is only in the luxury that MG gives. Where the Comfort is standard on 16-inch alloy wheels, the Luxury does that on wheels of 17-inch. Furthermore, the Comfort “lacks a panoramic sunroof, synthetic leather upholstery with seat heating and additional safety features in the form of blind spot warning or lane assistants. A rain sensor and reversing camera are also reserved for the Luxury.

Enough about what the Comfort is missing, because MG is sneaking the entry ZS quite full of goodies. Take the 8-inch touchscreen for multimedia (including DAB +, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto) and navigation. Adaptive cruise control, rear parking sensors, air conditioning and electrically operated mirrors and windows (front) are also standard. The Comfort exterior mirrors cannot be collapsed electronically, those of the Luxury can. Drivers can board and leave with the key in the bag.

With regard to the exterior, MG offers the white basic color free of charge at all times. For anyone who prefers a blue, red (photo 5) or black ZS EV, the manufacturer requires an additional investment of € 650. On the technical side, MG also has little choice. No choice really. Because there is one powertrain where the ZS gets a 143 hp electric motor. A 44.5 kWh battery pack provides that engine with its power. Within 7.5 hours of charging on the ‘normal’ pole, the battery is full again, on a fast charger the MG only needs 40 minutes (0-80 percent). According to WLTP measurements, the ZS is 263 km far.

It is clear that the MG is an economical offer for an electric car, but do you opt for the standard Comfort or do you save for a little more luxury in the Luxury? Let us know.

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