‘Lexus is working on V8 Supercar’

Electric or petrol

Toyota GR GT3 Concept

The Lexus LC has all but disappeared in Europe, leaving Lexus without a big top coupe for a while. However, that will not remain the case, because Lexus is said to be working on a lightning-fast supercar with a V8.

It is now clear that Lexus has a sports car in the pipeline. Such a model was already on display during the enormous news bomb that Lexus released in December 2021, but has also been extensively discussed. The Electrified Sport Concept has a very long nose, deeply cut wheel arches and an aggressive appearance. It would be a harbinger of an electric supercar.

However, it doesn’t stop there, says Autocar. Lexus is (also) said to be working on a supercar-like car with a petrol V8, with a similar silhouette and with up to 600 hp. This car, which may be called LFR after the earlier LFA, could serve as a homologation model for the GT3 racer that parent company Toyota is working on. We have already seen something of that car in the form of the Toyota GR GT3 Concept. What stands out? That’s right: the GR concept also has a long nose, which once again supports the suspicion that such a car is on the way.

Toyota could therefore choose to market the street version of its GT3 racer – required to be admitted to that racing class – as a Lexus. This would make this model fit in line with the (thicker and more expensive) LFA, the (more distinguished and comfortable) LC and also F models such as the RC F. It would also be a direct competitor for cars such as the Mercedes-AMG GT ( and SL, if there is a convertible) and all kinds of versions of the Porsche 911. Autocar aims for a combination of two Lexus supercars on the same basis, but with a different body and a completely different drivetrain. The combination of an electric car and a car with a V8, with or without hybrid support, is also in line with Toyota’s recently renewed loyalty to the combustion engine.

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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