Bugatti shows part of a mysterious newcomer

It doesn’t happen every day that Bugatti shows a glimpse of a completely new and unknown car. What we can expect from it is just as mysterious as the photo itself.

With the simple description ‘What if …?’ with a photo of a totally unknown backside, Bugatti suddenly starts the rumor mill today. In short, we see the rear of a wide and low car, with four taillights in it that together form a kind of X. Bugatti is talking about a world premiere, so a reveal is coming soon.

It seems unlikely that this is a car that actually goes into production. A successor to the Chiron is not yet on the agenda and CEO Stephan Winkelmann recently announced that there will be no model next to the Chiron (photos 2 and 3) and Divo (4 and 5) for the time being. Parent company Volkswagen Group keeps its hand on its purse and is even considering the sale of Bugatti. Not exactly when you expect expansion to the hyper-exclusive brand.

Presumably it is a study model with possible design hints to a new Bugatti that is still a long time in coming. A careful preview of the Chiron successor could be. A virtual racer for a computer game seems like another possibility. A completely new model, which allegedly could have become a GT or crossover, does not seem obvious for the time being. Undoubtedly, we will have more food for thought in the near future thanks to various teaser images.

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