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How secure are your files in the cloud? If you use two-step verification, it’s not that bad, but no storage service guarantees one hundred percent security. Cryptomator is a free tool that encrypts your files before they go to the cloud.

Cryptomator 1.5.17


For free


Windows, macOS
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  • Pros
  • For free
  • Encryption does not happen on a server
  • Negatives
  • Safe not shareable with others

Install cryptomator is refreshingly simple. No advertising and no strings attached in the form of functions that only work when you switch to a paid version. This open source protection works on all computing platforms and on all mobile devices. Moreover, Cryptomator does not work with its own native file format. The tool encrypts both the files and the file names with AES-256 encryption.


You can install this tool on all your devices. This is useful because you can also decrypt the files that you have encrypted on your desktop with your smartphone if you want to view them on it. You should preferably configure the tool with the computer first.

With Cryptomator you can create as many vaults as you want. Choose Add safe, give the virtual vault a name and select a storage location: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or, for example, a network drive. Then enter a strong password. By the way, there is no way to recover this password. You can, however, create a recovery key, which is a long string of words that you should print out and keep in a safe location.

You create as many safes as you want.

Encryption for synchronization

The principle is simple. Everything you drag into the vault is encrypted locally on your machine and only then these files leave for the selected cloud service. This means that your files are safe online without losing anything of yours privacy have to sacrifice. Later, when you look in that vault, you only see meaningless names with strange files. If a hacker gets to your cloud data, he has no idea what he has in front of him. To actually see the contents, you need to unlock the vault.


Cryptomator is an excellent solution for those who opt for simplicity and security, because you do not want to do anything wrong with such a security program. There are, of course, encryption tools with more bells and whistles, but they are not free.

This is the vault that syncs with Google Drive.

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