Greater range for Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X

Tesla has been keeping us busy lately. Now it is again the turn of the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X, which will be assigned a larger range.

Nowadays, we can start the day almost as standard at the newsroom of Techzle with a quest through Tesla’s ‘design studio’. In our opinion, that configurator contains something new almost every day, although secretly this is especially the case recently.

Today we even find two news items. After the fairly significant updates for the Model 3, it also appears that the larger Model S and Model X continue on a battery charge. The difference may be there. The Model S now comes as Long Range 652 instead of 610 km. The Performance now offers 639 km instead of 593 km.

Similar differences apply to Model X. The Long Range now only stops after 561 instead of 507 km according to the WLTP cycle. The Tesla Model X Performance now also breaks the 500 km limit, with a total of 548 instead of 487 km.

How exactly the changes came about is not officially known. Tesla knows how to make its cars more efficient and / or faster through a software update, but in this case it could also be new hardware. The new Model Y, for example, has an efficient heat pump, a part that was missing on other Tesla models until now.

Incidentally, nothing changes at the moment in the acceleration figures, top speed and prices of the Model S and Model X. Maybe tomorrow.

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