Here’s what we know so far about Apple’s AR/VR headset

We are now waiting for the presentation of the Apple headset. This will be a combination of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR). But what else do we know about this highly anticipated product from Apple?

Apple has been experimenting with virtual and augmented reality for twenty years. For example, augmented reality has come out for iOS and iPadOS. However, a headset was not provided.

Apple AR/VR headset intended for everyday use

What do we know about this headset in the meantime? In any case, this will resemble comparable headsets such as the Meta Quest, but smaller and lighter. According to a report from The information, the glasses become slim and curved.

Meta Quest Pro

It can then be attached by a headband made of mesh material that is interchangeable. Just like with the Apple Watch, you can then change the headband in different colors.

In addition, technology journalist Mark Gurman states that Apple focuses on three main functions: gaming, media and communications. The first is especially interesting. Mobile gaming on an iPhone, for example, is great, but with the glasses Apple can even really compete with Sony’s PSVR.

Acquisitions by Apple

Apple has also acquired quite a few AR and VR companies. This includes the start-up Metaio. The company has developed various applications for Ferrari, for example, who had an augmented reality showroom made with those tools.

Apple is rumored to be working on not one, but three different AR/VR headsets. According to Mark Gurman, these are now still codenamed N301, N602 and N421. According to him, the N301 will be the first to be released. The N602 is cheaper and should be launched later. The N421, on the other hand, is an AR pair of glasses, of which no release date is yet known.

It is also almost certain that the headsets will run on the so-called RealityOS. This word was found in upload log files in the App Store.

Reality Pro is going to be an expensive gadget

Those codenames will of course be changed. There is also much speculation about this. The most plausible name of the first version is Reality Pro. We already know the term Pro from the iPhone, iPad, Mac and AirPods and it is indeed the more expensive model. With the N602, which will come later, it will simply become Reality.

Gurman also comes up with a price estimate, but it is still quite generous. The new glasses should cost between $2,000 and $3,000. The fact that the purchase price is so high is due to the use of powerful components by Apple.

On the inside of the AR / VR headset is probably an M2 chip, which we know from the Mac. In addition, the device has 15 cameras. Eight of these cameras are intended for augmented reality. The rest will likely be used for biometrics.

In addition, the Apple glasses will have two OLED screens with an awesome resolution of 4000 pixels per inch. That is the highest resolution for VR glasses that would be for sale at that time. It is also assumed that there will be two smaller screens on the side for peripheral vision. AMOLED screens with a much lower resolution are probably used for this.

Good spatial sound

It is also assumed that the headset comes with portable peripherals. This includes, for example, a ‘thimble’ that you probably use to operate functions. In addition, the headset may receive spatial audio.

Spatial Audio AirPods Pro WWDC20
Spatial Audio (Image: Apple)

The launch date may also be earlier than we thought. There are persistent rumors that there will be a special event from Apple in January. So please wait.

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