How old is my iPad? This is how you find out in 4 steps

“How old is my iPad?” This question has probably occurred to you, and in this article we look at the ways to find out how many candles your Apple tablet can blow out.

How old is my iPad?

Apple is known for its user-friendly products, but surprisingly is nowhere in your iPad settings how old it is. Fortunately, several roads lead to Rome. There is a trick to check exactly whether your iPad is already old or not.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPad and tap “General”;

  2. Go to ‘Info’ and write down the serial number of your tablet (eg DMPQQLXCG4VJ);

  3. Now go to the Apple’s website and enter the serial number here;

  4. Finally, enter the security code and tap Continue.

You will now see a screen with information about your iPad. In particular, the information under the heading ‘Coverage for repairs and service’ is relevant. Because Apple provides a standard one-year warranty on new products, you have to calculate this period back from the stated expiry date.

When the warranty on your iPad expires on May 22, 2022, this means that the device was sold exactly one year earlier, on May 22, 2021.

That said, when the iPad is purchased in the Netherlands you are ‘just’ entitled to a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. In reality, you can therefore assume that the warranty will continue until May 22, 2023.

Doesn’t it work? Then try this

There is, however, a catch. This method only works if your iPad is relatively new. On older models, under ‘Coverage for repairs and service’ you will simply see that the coverage has expired, with no end date.

Fortunately, you can still check how old your iPad is. For this you go to the Chipmunk’s website. This one looks quite dated, but it works properly. Simply enter your iPad’s serial number and tap ‘Submit’. The window that follows shows exactly how old your tablet is, where it was produced and in which week.

This trick works for almost all Apple devices. For example, you can also check how old your iPhone is via Chipmunk.

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Still not working?

Does the Chipmunk website (temporarily) not work either? Then there is only one option left: contact Apple. You can send the company an email and ask if they can check how old your device is.

In any case, enclose the most important information such as the model number and serial number. For example, in the headline, you could say “Ask: How old is my iPad?” put. The best way to reach Apple customer service is through the website.

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How old is your iPhone?  That's how you check it!

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