Prices of new Mercedes-Benz S-class announced

Shortly after its introduction, the brand new flagship of Mercedes-Benz was already provided with Dutch prices. Both the regular S-class and the version with longer wheelbase are on the Dutch price list.

At the beginning of this month, Mercedes-Benz presented the completely new S-class to the world with appropriate fanfare. The iconic top model of Das Haus has already appeared on the Dutch price lists. The starting price of the new S-class has been set at € 130,682.


For that entry-level price, Mercedes-Benz gives you the purchase contract for the ‘short’ S-class as S350d. Short is of course relative, as the regular S-class is 5.18 meters long and has a wheelbase of 3.11 meters. The S350d is a 286 hp 3.0 six-cylinder diesel. The same powertrain in the 5.29 meter long S-class – with a wheelbase extended up to 3.22 meters – yields a price of € 135,120. The S350 is also available in conjunction with a 4Matic drive. The short and long variants then cost € 135,968 and € 139,840 respectively. The provisional top diesel is the 330 hp version of the same six-in-line, which gets a place in the S400d. This version, which is always linked to Mercedes’ 4Matic all-wheel drive, costs € 145,164 as a short S-class. For the extended version you will lose € 149,035. All versions are linked to a 9G-tronic automatic transmission.


There is less to choose from when it comes to petrol engines. Mercedes-Benz is only putting the S500 with the 3.0 six-cylinder petrol engine of 435 hp on the Dutch price list. That six-cylinder is linked to Mercedes’ EQ Boost system. That gives the ‘m temporary 22 hp extra. The S500, like the S400d, is always equipped with 4Matic all-wheel drive. The short S costs € 151,902 as S500. For the long version you will lose € 156,182. At a later stage, at least another eight-cylinder with a 48v system will follow, as well as a plug-in hybrid.

Pricelist Mercedes-Benz S-class (short wheelbase)

Motor Power price
S350d 286 hp, 600 Nm € 130,682
S350d 4Matic 286 hp, 600 Nm € 135,968
S400d 4Matic 330 hp, 700 Nm € 145,164
S500 435 + 22 hp, 520 Nm € 151,902

Pricelist Mercedes-Benz S-class (long wheelbase)

Motor Power price
S350d 286 hp, 600 Nm € 135,120
S350d 4Matic 286 hp, 600 Nm € 139,840
S400d 4Matic 330 hp, 700 Nm € 149,036
S500 435 + 22 hp, 520 Nm € 156,182

Read all about the new Mercedes-Benz S-class here!

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