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Meetings and conferences are very important in the digitized world of work. It is important to have the right technologies available in order to be able to work efficiently and safely. ©, startupstockphotos (CC0 Public Domain)

Modern day-to-day work is characterized by networking, digitization and teamwork. New technologies partly redefine the tasks and even entire jobs. The new technologies make it possible, for example, for employees to work in different locations and still be able to communicate securely. The place of work and often also the working hours can be arranged much more flexibly.

Modern work is too shaped by meetings. On average, employees spend more than 20 working hours per week in meetings. These take place both virtually and in person in the office. The technical equipment is of particular importance.

Digital door signs - innovative work simplification

Digital signs are no longer just for retail. They can be found in many areas, for example as digital signs in industry, at events, in gastronomy and in tourism. The digital signs in conference, meeting and meeting rooms, in medical facilities, restaurants and hotels make work much easier for employees. Bookings and transfers are shown digital door sign, which is attached to the outside of the respective room, immediately. The participants are thus always up to date with regard to the occupancy of a room.

How digital signs work

Innovative digital signs can be controlled and updated wirelessly via a router. Individual layouts can be displayed on the digital door sign with the appropriate digital signage software, such as fbOS or manufacturer solutions. There are hardly any limits to your own creativity.

The real-time display of changes and central management can save companies a lot of money. Customers are always up to date and the available rooms can be used much more efficiently.

Which data is publicly visible on the signs can be set individually. The systems can be updated with just a few clicks, for example via MS Outlook or Google Calendar.

The digital door signs have a very long battery life. Even if updates are installed regularly, the displays run for several months. This also keeps maintenance and operating costs low. In addition, the assembly is very simple, so that they are suitable for many different areas of application.

Connected Offices

Another development in modern everyday work is cloud technologies. This makes it possible to edit documents together. In order for this to work smoothly, collaboration software is required. This also includes applications that network the various devices in the conference or meeting rooms. Intuitive technology, zero-learning technology, eliminates the need for separate installations. Even employees who are not in the office can access the data from anywhere at any time.

Ready-to-go conference rooms are driving the BYOD (bring your own device) trend. Here the employees bring their own devices, such as tablets or notebooks, or they use the devices from their workplace outside the office.

What about data protection?

Privacy and security are important issues in the conference room. Employees and customers bring their own devices. They share sensitive data with the internal system. This can lead to security leaks. A particularly large security risk is the presentation system. This interface must be specially protected.

If the presentation system is still being developed, special attention should be paid to the security aspect. The developers have to deal with the various risks and develop and integrate the necessary protection mechanisms. This approach is called Security by Design. This creates secure solutions that enable employees, guests and other meeting participants to hold presentations without connection problems.

Digital workplaces unite generations

Digitization brings digital jobs. Smart conference rooms are a future trend. Not only the technology plays an important role, but also the people. More and more so-called digital natives are pouring into the labor market worldwide. These young people grew up with online technologies. They take GoogleDocs, social media, online games and cloud-based apps for granted. In the digital age with intelligent technologies, Smart Home and Internet of Things, you don't want to do without it in your professional life. They come to the company with completely new expectations. Here the companies are required to provide technologies, aids and tools in order to meet the new requirements. These tools can also help encourage cross-generational collaboration, such as with so-called huddle rooms.

What is Huddle Space?

Huddle rooms are small meeting rooms designed for 2 to 4 people. They are ideal for short meetings with a personal presence. This allows for a variety of impromptu meetings, such as small group brainstorming, stand-up meetings, ad hoc meetings with team members joining remotely, or fast-paced, hybrid meetings.

For these short time windows, it is usually not necessary to book the room in advance. This provides flexible and spontaneous solutions for hybrid teams. In a quiet place, meetings are possible without disturbing noise and distractions. This increases productivity. This has a positive effect on the cooperation.


Workplaces have become more and more flexible in recent years, which has led to more globalization and mobilization of employees. Conference and meeting rooms have changed a lot during this time. The challenge for companies is, on the one hand, to recruit the best young talents and to retain them in the company. On the other hand, it is important not to lose established employees. Secure and intuitive technology is necessary for smooth and efficient collaboration. This also promotes employee commitment.

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