‘Spotify is still working on a car accessory called Car Thing’

Spotify’s iOS app contains indications that work is still being done on a so-called ‘Car Thing’, a hardware accessory for the car. When the product will finally be on the market is still the question.

‘Spotify car accessory Car Thing still in development’

Spotify has been working on ‘Car Thing’ since 2019, a voice-controlled music and podcast assistant for the car. After the announcement in that year, Spotify has shared little information. Still, it seems the company is still working towards a launch.

iOS developer Steve Moser has discovered in the Spotify app that the company is still developing the hardware accessory. Through the code in the iOS app, Moser has uncovered various information about the design. It turns out that the device is rectangular and has a fairly large display. The car accessory is also equipped with a large button, with a slightly smaller button underneath.

In addition, official documents from Spotify show that the operation can be done with speech, touchscreen and buttons. Finally, we also know that the device is in contact with your phone, car radio or other entertainment system via Bluetooth.

Initially, Spotify indicated that ‘Car Thing’ is primarily a kind of research device to analyze listening behavior in the car. Nevertheless, the analysis appears to be developing into a product for consumers. The music streaming service has frequently changed the look of the accessory over the past two years, suggesting that Car Thing is ultimately intended for the public.

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