Use your iPhone as a full-fledged dashcam with these 3 apps

The dashcam is still very popular. Not only do you make beautiful videos with it, but you can also create incriminating evidence. However, did you know that you can also use your iPhone as a dashcam?

Using an iPhone as a dashcam is very simple

The average smartphone is perfectly capable of replacing a ‘real’ dashcam. It is therefore easier for many people to exchange a car camera for an iPhone. This is not only cheaper, but also more practical. For example, you can save and share images much more easily.

However, you have to take a few things into account. First, make sure you have a good car holder for your iPhone. After all, your aircraft should not just fly loose in the event of an accident. Preferably choose a place with a fan or other cooling nearby, because when you use your iPhone as a dashcam, the device gets very hot.

Also connect your smartphone to the car charger, because you don’t want the phone to suddenly cut out. You are almost ready now. Almost, because of course you still need a good dashcam app. We have listed three great options for you.

1. Sygic

Sygic is not only one of the best navigation apps for iOS, but also a great alternative to a ‘real’ dashcam. The best feature of the app you hope you never have to use. Sygic automatically starts recording as soon as you start driving and saves the recording immediately if you get into an accident.

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How does the app know? By keeping a close eye on your iPhone’s accelerometer. Hopefully you will get out of it in one piece, but by using Sygic as an iPhone dash, at least you still have the images.

The app is basically free to use, but you quickly run into limitations. So it is much nicer to take the paid version of Sygic (at 19.99 euros per year).

2. Magic Earth

Looking for an extremely affordable dashcam app for your iPhone? Then try Magic Earth. This app is completely free. Just like Sygic, Magic Earth is also much more than a dashcam: you can also use the app to navigate and, for example, travel by public transport.

We are especially fans of the design of Magic Earth. The dashcam option has been seamlessly integrated into the general traffic information, so that you are not bothered by it. Moreover, you can quickly and easily stop the recording and the app works fully with CarPlay, Apple’s platform for on the go.

Another plus of Magic Earth is its privacy policy. The app does not store any data and uses maps from OpenStreetMap, a counterpart to Apple Maps and Google Maps. The company behind Magic Earth makes money by selling their technology to business customers.

3. Nexar AI

The smartest dashcam app from this list is probably Nexar AI. As you can tell from the name, this program uses artificial intelligence (AI). Nexar AI therefore not only registers the traffic for you, but also analyzes the traffic situation.


As soon as a dangerous situation arises, the app automatically starts recording. Should there actually be a collision, the app will bundle all relevant images into a video that you can use with the authorities and insurance company.

What is unique about Nexar AI is that the app does not always record. The record button is only activated when the traffic situation threatens to become dangerous. Old films are therefore automatically exceeded. Nexar AI is free, but for that you provide a lot of data. Privacy-wise, the dashcam app is therefore not recommended.

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