What did I see among the stars?

Last Monday at about 00:15 am, I saw something ‘strange’.

Between the stars I saw a star that was 3 times the size of Venus (at first I thought it was Venus, but it was in a different position). After a while, that ‘star’ shrank and started to move. A little faster than an airplane.

Now my question is: Did I see a satellite? Or just a natural phenomenon??

Thank you in advance!

Asker: Rick, 20 years old


Dear Rick

Of course it’s hard to say what you’ve seen, but maybe you can have a look at heavens-above.com. There you can check when a satellite passes between the stars. More explanation can be found on question 4337 />

If you ever consciously view a satellite, you can compare this with what you have seen before.

Answered by

Tim Somers

Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy
Ringlaan 3 1180 Brussels


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