2 Ways Snapchat Should Be More Secure

2 Ways Snapchat Should Be More Secure

Snapchat has added new security measures to its app to make it easier to intercept drug-related activities. The company also comes with new security to protect young people from strangers.

Zero Tolerance

In a blog post Reports Snapchat that it is increasingly doing drug trafficking or other drug-related matters on the platform. Snapchat reports that it currently manages to intercept about 88% of these cases. The company does this through machine learning and artificial intelligence. In doing so, it currently uses various algorithms that are getting better at detecting drug-related cases.

Snapchat further reports that upon finding drug cases on or by a particular account, it will be deleted immediately. According to Snapchat, everything is being done to prevent the offender from creating a new account. Snapchat’s position is therefore clear: “We have absolutely no tolerance for drug trafficking on Snapchat. We continue to develop new measures to keep our community safe.”

2 Ways Snapchat Should Be More Secure

Data is kept

In addition to deleting accounts and blocking users reports Snapchat that in some (serious) cases, they will hand over the account to the police. In that case, Snapchat will cooperate with the investigation by storing and sharing information from the account. This will always be in accordance with the legislation in the relevant country, according to Snapchat.

2 Ways Snapchat Should Be More Secure

Safer for young people

In addition to detecting drug cases, Snapchat comes with a new function that should make the app safer for young people. The company has built in a new function that should make it more difficult for strangers to come into contact with minors.

At the moment, Snapchat users can’t see each other’s friends list and you also need to be friends with someone before you can connect with them. In addition to these measures, Snapchat is now introducing a feature to better secure friend suggestions among young people. Snapchat users under the age of 18 can now only be found by someone if they have a certain number of friends in common. Finally, Snapchat says it will continue to work hard to keep the app safe for all users.

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