3 promising gadgets on crowdfunding sites you must see

3 promising gadgets on crowdfunding sites you must see

The biggest innovations often do not come from the big tech companies, but from small start-ups that conquer the world with a good idea. Crowdfunding sites help people make that idea a reality. In this article we discuss, among other things, a special and a handy product for those who have a lot of smart home products at home.

1. Flic Twist

Smarthome is only really smart if everything is connected and the operation takes place from one place. Now that smart home control with Android 12 is getting a less prominent place on our phones, there is a need for a better solution for some. The Flic Twist is such an accessory that allows smoother operation. You can push the button, turn or push and turn at the same time.

The advantage is that countless gestures are possible and that you can use the Flic Twist to both start your robot vacuum cleaner and, for example, to close your smart roller blind. You can easily switch between the different devices you have at home. A voice command or the use of an app is no longer necessary.

2. Elecjet Apollo Ultra

The possibilities with graphene batteries have been talked about for some time, but smartphone manufacturers have not yet been able to integrate the technology into consumer phones. The Elecjet Apollo Ultra is a power bank that comes with a 10,000 mAh graphene battery. It is fully charged in just 27 minutes and charges with 100W of power. This means that you can easily fully charge an average phone twice with the Apollo Ultra. So before you leave, you charge your power bank instead of your phone. After 7 minutes of charging, you can rest assured for a whole day.

Graphene batteries are durable. Unlike a regular lithium-ion battery, the Apollo Ultra can handle more than 2,500 life cycles before only remaining 80 percent of its capacity. It should last four to five times longer than a power bank with a lithium-ion battery.

3 promising gadgets on crowdfunding sites you must see

3. Ottocast

A lot of cars come with Android Auto today, but only a small number of those models can also connect wirelessly to your phone. There are already a few gadgets, also the result of crowdfunding, that offer a solution. AAWireless is one and Carsifi also allows you to connect multiple phones.

The Ottocast is the first to make both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay wireless. You connect the device to your car via USB and then Android Auto or CarPlay is started as soon as you leave the car. The Ottocast has already been tested for various phones from Samsung and Google. In case you have another phone, it is recommended that it runs on Android 11 or a more recent version. You can read the details on Indiegogo.

Please note that with crowdfunding there is always a chance that a project will go wrong or that the delivery will take place later than expected. So in a sense you always take a risk when you support a project. Which of these gadgets do you find interesting? Maybe there are other crowdfunding projects that you support? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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