3 videos that can save lives: Short & worth seeing

videos save lives
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These videos can save lives: They show you how you should react in an emergency when it is a matter of life and death for you or those around you. We present three short and helpful videos in more detail.

What do you do if someone suddenly falls over on the other side of the street or you can no longer speak properly yourself from one second to the next? You can find numerous videos on the Internet that explain what to do in just a few minutes and in a fun, easy-to-understand way. In this way, you can quickly and easily acquire and memorize first aid measures and be prepared for emergencies.

Videos that save lives: what to do when you have a stroke

A lovingly drawn cartoon and a catchy beat: With a catchy rap, the Evangelisches Klinikum Bethel shows what to do in the event of a stroke. The main focus is what you should do yourself if you notice the first signs of a stroke.

The video reflects the so-called FAST test. With this, you and those around you can quickly and easily determine whether you have had a stroke:

  • Face: Make a smile on your face! If your fellow human beings notice that the corner of your mouth is hanging down, you could have had a stroke. Finally, this indicates a hemiplegia.
  • Arms: Stretch your arms out in front of you or lift them up. If there is paralysis, one arm keeps falling down.
  • Speech: Try to say a simple sentence. If your words sound slurred or you can’t form an understandable word at all, you have a speech disorder.
  • Time: If one or more signs point to a stroke, you or those around you should call 911 immediately. When it comes to a stroke, every minute counts. According to the information in the video, you can survive the seizure without further consequences if you get medical help in the first hour.

Videos that save lives: chest compressions

Many people take the first aid course once for their driver’s license and never refresh it again. Basic rules of conduct are increasingly being forgotten. In an emergency, however, a correctly or incorrectly performed cardiac massage can make the difference between life and death.

The Samariterbund shows you the basic rules of the massage in an entertaining one-minute video. The video is underlaid with the well-known song “Stayin’ alive”. Because if you perform the massage to the rhythm of this song, you have reached the right speed.

Explanatory video: This is how first aid works

In an entertaining animated video, the Badische Zeitung explains in detail all the necessary first-aid measures. In the video, the measures are divided into three easy-to-remember components: checking, calling and pressing.

  • Check: If a person is on the ground, first speak to them and check their breathing. This will tell you if the person is still conscious.
  • Call: If the person is unconscious, call 112 immediately for medical assistance.
  • Compression: Start chest compressions as early as possible now. For this, the upper body of the unconscious person should be free. Place your hands on top of each other between the two nipples. Extend your arms and begin the massage vigorously. The Samaritan Federation video described above also shows you exactly how this works.

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