300 hp BMW X1 M35i costs almost €80,000

The sportiest, not the strongest

300 hp BMW X1 M35i costs almost €80,000

In the middle of this year, BMW pulled the curtain on the sporty top version of the X1. The BMW

The BMW X1 M35i is a strikingly sporty car. Purely in terms of power, it is not the strongest variant of the X1. That is the 326 hp plug-in hybrid xDrive30e. The BMW It is a so-called M Performance model and that means that it focuses much more on dynamics than the xDrive30e. It has a Dutch starting price of just under €80,000.

BMW X1 M35i

BMW X1 M35i.

The BMW X1 M35i will cost €79,918 in the Netherlands. For that money you get a sporty, compact SUV that reaches 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds. The X1 M35i has a seven-speed Steptronic automatic transmission as standard, has a top speed of 250 km/h and of course has an adaptive M suspension and Sport Steering power steering. BMW’s M division gives the X1 M35i a mechanical limited-slip differential. 19-inch alloys are standard, but 20-inch wheels are optional. You also have to pay extra for M Compound braking and M sports seats.

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