6 romantic movies to watch on Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day! Whether you celebrate this alone or with someone. These romantic films should certainly not be missing from your viewing list. iPhoned has selected the 6 best romantic films for you.

Nowadays there are so many streaming services available that you can no longer see the forest for the trees. To help you get started this Valentine’s Day, we have collected the six best romantic films for you.

Of course, we understand that not everyone is crazy about romantic films. That is why this list also includes a number of romantic comedies so that you are guaranteed an evening of laughter together.

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Skyshowtime: Mamma Mia

On Skyshowtime you will find popular titles such as Dexter, Halo, and Yellowstone. You can also watch different TV channels, such as MTV and Nickelodeon. The maximum image quality is currently Full HD.

You now pay 6.99 euros per month for a subscription. Skyshowtime currently has a great deal where you can… Pays 27.50 euros for 6 months. This means you receive 6 months for the price of 4 months.

mamma mia skyshowtime romantic movies

Our tip for Valentine’s Day on Skyshowtime is Mamma Mia. In this film full of musical hits you follow Sophie who is soon getting married in Greece. She is looking for her father so he can give her away during the wedding.

However, when she reads in her mother’s diary that she has three possible fathers, she invites all three to the wedding. During twenty-four chaotic hours, old friendships blossom again and new loves reach their peak. Oh yeah! Want more romantic movies? The next part (Mamma Mia Here We Go Again!) can also be seen on Skyshowtime.

Watch Mamma Mia on Skyshowtime

Viaplay: Killers

Of course you know Viaplay from Formula 1 and darts. But did you know that this streaming service also has fun films and series! You currently pay 15.99 euros per month for Viaplay. If you prefer an annual subscription, you will receive a twenty percent discount on the monthly price and just pay 12.79 euros per month.

ViaPlay series

Would you prefer to watch an action movie during Valentine’s Day, but could it also include a little romance? Then Killers is definitely worth watching. In this romantic action comedy, Jennifer (Katherine Heigl) marries hitman Spencer (Ashton Kutcher) on a whim. They can’t believe their luck until they find out that their neighbors are assassins and they are the target!

Watch Killers at Viaplay

HBO Max: A Star is Born

HBO Max is a major competitor for Netflix, but that is not only due to the extensive range of films and series. On this streaming service you can also be the first to watch the latest cinema films, such as: The Meg 2 and The Nun 2. You now pay for a monthly subscription to HBO Max 7.99 euros. If you prefer an annual subscription, you pay 59.99 euros. This saves you a total of 35.89 euros.

hbo max romantic movies

Our Valentine’s Day tip for HBO Max is the romantic drama: A Star is Born. In this film you follow country-rock singer Jack (Bradley Cooper) who discovers the talent of singer-songwriter Ally (Lady Gaga).

The two start a relationship and Jack tries to help Ally further her career. This film has won a golden globe award, among other things, and that certainly makes it a film that you must see.

Watch A Star is Born on HBO Max

Disney Plus: The Proposal

On Disney Plus you can watch for 10.99 euros per month to the best films from Pixar and Marvel, among others. In addition to these films, there are also documentaries from, for example, National Geographic on Disney Plus. You also don’t pay anything extra if you want to watch films and series in 4K resolution. Disney has created a collection of the best romantic films especially for Valentine’s Day.

Disney Plus Valentine's Day Romance Movies

The Proposal is definitely recommended to watch on Disney Plus. In this romantic comedy, bossy Margaret (Sandra Bullock) and her assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) must prevent her from being deported.

She therefore forces Andrew to marry her, even though she has been making his life miserable for years. Together they leave for Alaska where they have four days to convince the immigration inspector that their marriage is real.

Watch The Proposal on Disney+

Prime Video: Valentine’s Day

Prime Video is Amazon Prime’s streaming service. With a price of 4.99 euros per month, this is one of the cheapest streaming services in the Netherlands. Prime Video has an extensive range of films and series. Not enough supply yet? Thanks to Prime Video Channels, you can expand the offering even further (for a fee). You can then also look at the offers from Film 1 or StarzPlay.

amazon prime video

There are plenty of romantic films, but during Valentine’s Day you can of course watch Valentine’s Day on Prime Video. In this romantic comedy you follow the love lives of various bachelors and couples. How do they experience Valentine’s Day and what relationship problems do they encounter on this loving day? Big names like Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx and Anne Hathaway make this film definitely worth watching.

Watch Valentine’s Day on Prime Video

CANAL+: Men’s hearts

You probably already knew Canaal Digitaal as a television provider, but they recently launched their own streaming service CANAL+. This streaming service is already active in more than 50 countries and now has more than 25 million subscribers spread across Europe, Asia and Africa. You only pay for one month of CANAL+ 4.99 euros. Would you rather watch for a year? Then you don’t pay 59.88 euros but 49.90 euros. That means you get two months of free viewing!

canal plus

On CANAL+ you can now watch Men’s Hearts as one of the best romantic films. This Dutch romantic comedy gives a glimpse into the love lives of four different types of men. Do they find their happiness in love? Or were they already happy in love? With leading roles for Jeroen Spitzenberger, Daan Schuurmans and Barry Atsma, among others, this is certainly a film to enjoy an evening of laughter on the couch.

Watch Men’s Hearts on Canal+

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