7 gadgets for Mother’s Day: this gift your mother will love

Look after! It’s almost Mother’s Day already. Do you want to arrive at your mother’s house with a great gift? We have listed a number of nice options for her. Find your type of mother and we have a suitable gift.

Mother’s Day: Gadgets are also gifts for mothers

It remains difficult every year; you want to give something more than just a bunch of flowers, but a brand new iPad is also too much of a good thing. To lend you a hand, we have listed a number of gadgets and gifts especially for you to make your mother completely happy. They all have a great price too. We would certainly give these to our mothers!

set air tag

Gift for the chaotic mother

Are you the type of mom who always loses her keys or other stuff? Then Apple AirTags might be a good option to give as a gift for Mother’s Day.

The AirTag is a very handy device. Setting up and pairing with your iPhone happened in a flash. Even your mother can do this! In addition, the battery lasts a very long time. Using the AirTag offers security, especially if your mother often loses her things. She simply hangs it on her bunch of keys.

  • Buy an AirTag from Apple at CoolBlue
gift sports watch

Mother’s Day gift for the sporty mother

Is your mother extremely sporty? And does she have an Apple Watch to track her health and sports performance? Then a new Apple Watch sports band is a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. There are a number of sporty Apple Watch bands on the market. These are made of silicone and have holes. This prevents the strap from sweating annoyingly.

  • Buy the Apple Watch Sport Band at Bol.com

Is your mother more into long bike rides than short sprints? Then we know the perfect gift: a phone holder for your bicycle! This allows you to safely, legally and easily read the cycling map to follow the route. She easily attaches her iPhone to the handlebars with two straps and this phone holder.

  • Buy the phone holder for the bicycle at CoolBlue
iPhone color cases spring

Gift for the missing mother

Have you been away from home for a while, but your mother still suffers from empty nest syndrome? Maybe it’s nice for your mother to be able to carry you with her all the time. What do you always take with you? Your iPhone. This is good news for a nice Mother’s Day gift. You can design your own phone case.

So, find a nice photo of yourself (and your partner), print it via the link below on a case for your iPhone and you’re done. Your mother will suffer less from the empty nest syndrome and you will have a more flashy gift than your brothers or sisters. Of course you can always take a picture together with your family!

  • Design your own phone case at smartphonehoesjes.nl
mother's day gift gadgets

Mother’s Day gift for the mobile mother

Is your mother already on level 7628 of Candy Crush? And she hasn’t moved on for a while? Do you know what really makes her happy? An Apple Gift Card. With this she can buy extra lives, bombs and other special items.

If she’s finally finished the game after eight years, it’s also possible to pick up a new addictive phone game in the App Store. With an Apple Gift Card you can decide for yourself how much is on it (and how much you love your mother).

  • Buy the Apple Gift Card at Amazon
gift phone holder

Gift for the media addicted mom

Has your mother completely discovered all streaming services such as HBO Max, Netflix and Apple TV+? Does she often watch all these videos on her iPhone? Then check out this product! A bedside phone holder is ideal for the mother who likes to watch movies, but no longer wants a sore neck.

  • Buy the phone holder for in bed at GSMPunt

Mother’s Day gift for the mother-in-law

Frankly, we don’t know exactly where it comes from either, but your mother-in-law is actually always the annoying mother in popular parlance. That is why we have found the perfect gift for Mother’s Day that she will like. Especially if, like us, she loves Apple products a lot.

Apple Cleaning Cloth

She must have the Apple Cleaning Cloth. And no, April 1 is long gone. The Apple Cleaning Cloth is a premium cloth to clean all your devices. She cleans all your Apple products easily and safely. It is soft and non-scratch. With this you can easily wipe fingerprints and other dirty smudges from your iPhone.

  • Get the Apple Cleaning Cloth for your mother-in-law

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