A European blow to Apple (iPhone news #40)

Apple needs to change Europe and we tested the iPhone 14. This is the biggest Apple and iPhone news of the week.

iPhone 14 (Plus) review: nothing wrong with that, but exciting is different

A European blow to Apple (iPhone news #40)

Do you think the iPhone 14 Pro is too expensive? Then there’s the iPhone 14. We tested this year’s Apple entry-level model and listed our experiences.

A little spoiler: For those with an iPhone 13, there’s little reason to upgrade. However, that does not apply to people with an iPhone 12 or older model. Then the jump to an iPhone 14 is huge.

Read our iPhone 14 review

New chapter of EU law: iPhone must switch to USB-C

In June of this year, we already reported that iPhones should have a USB-C connection from 2024. Now the European Union has reached an agreement on a common charging port for all smartphones. In the previous article it was said that the law still had to pass the European Parliament.

That has now happened! The law that will ban Apple’s famous Lightning port in 2024 has now passed.

Apple is also switching to USB-C

Why you should (not) buy a smartwatch from the Action

Action smartwatch in the spotlight
Action smartwatch in the spotlight

The smartwatch has become so well established that even budget store Action sells one. This smart watch is much cheaper than the competition, but is it also wise to buy a smartwatch from the Action?

Well, if you look at the price. For a fraction of the amount of an Apple Watch you get a surprisingly complete smartwatch. However, there are some privacy considerations to keep in mind.

This is our buying advice for the Action smartwatch

Bizarre: OnePlus announces clone of Apple Watch

Apple Watch clone

OnePlus announced the Nord Watch this week, and it looks very familiar to us: it is an almost exact clone of the Apple Watch.

Take the cabinet size. The watch has a 1.78-inch screen with a resolution of 368 x 448 pixels. The Apple Watch SE (44mm) has a 1.78-inch screen with a resolution of 368 x 448 pixels.

That’s how much the OnePlus Nord Watch looks like the Apple Watch

iPhone 13 has dropped significantly in price: the device is the cheapest here!

iphone 13

Now that the iPhone 14 is on the market, the prices of the iPhone 13 are falling. As a result, you get this device even cheaper.

A separate iPhone 13 is currently available from 848 euros. However, in combination with a telephone subscription you can save a lot more. We list the best deals.

These are the lowest iPhone 13 prices

‘iPhone 15 won’t get Touch ID below the screen’

Touch ID under screen

The iPhone 14 is actually only just in the shops, but rumors about the iPhone 15 are already appearing. For example, the iPhone 15 does not get a Touch ID under the screen.

This rumor comes from Bloomberg’s usually reliable Mark Gurman. In its latest Power On Newsletter he indicates that although Apple has tested Touch ID under the screen in recent years, we do not see this function in the iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 doesn’t have Touch ID, says Gurman

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