A15 chip in iPad mini less powerful than chip in iPhone 13

Both the iPad mini 2021 and the iPhone 13 series have an A15 chip on board. However, benchmarks show that the chip in the iPad mini is a bit less fast.

Small speed difference between iPad mini and iPhone 13

Apple recently announced a brand new iPad mini. The device has a smashing new design and is powered by the A15 Bionic processor. This is the same chip that we also find in the iPhone 13 series. However, Geekbench results show that the chip in the iPad mini and the chip in the iPhone 13 do differ from each other.

The new iPad mini is powered by a 2.93GHz processor. The chip is clocked lower than the iPhone 13, which has a 3.2GHz processor. However, this appears to have little impact on the final performance of both devices. It is not known why Apple has chosen to use different clock speeds.

Earlier we wrote about the speed difference between the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro. The Pro variant has more GPU cores than the standard model. This makes the iPhone 13 Pro better suited for gaming than the iPhone 13. So no A15 chip is the same.

iPad mini

More about the new iPad mini

The iPad mini will be less ‘mini’ in terms of screen size in 2021. The tablet has a screen of 8.3 inches, where its direct predecessor still had a screen of 7.9 inches. However, the screen edges have become a lot narrower and the resolution has also been increased somewhat.

With the iPad mini 2021, you still ensure that all your data remains safe with your fingerprint. The Touch ID sensor is incorporated in the on/off button on the top of the tablet. The entry-level model with 64GB storage and WiFi has a suggested retail price of 559 euros.

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