Abt Audi RS6 and RS7 ‘Legacy Edition’: 1000 hp!

Crazy fast with iwi

Abt Audi RS7 Legacy Edition

Abt can’t get enough of the current generation of Audi RS6 and RS7 and is once again launching a Legacy Edition. The new units surpass everything that came before with playful ease and deliver 1,000 hp and 1,150 Nm. Yes.

Tuner Abt has a reputation to uphold when it comes to fast Audis. Judging by the amount of Abt badges we have seen on all kinds of Audis in recent years, the Germans do this with ease. The chance that we will ever encounter the ‘Legacy Edition’ of the RS6 and RS7 discussed here in real life is not that great. This is the absolute pinnacle in the field of pumped-up Audis, and therefore the superlative of the superlative. Literally, by the way, because earlier this year we headlined ‘Audi RS7 overhauled by Abt one more time’. We are subtly adjusting that headline: ‘Audi RS7 once again overhauled by Abt’.

Just like that earlier car, the RS7 in question is called ‘Legacy Edition’. We see similar tasteful spoiler work and everything that applies to the RS7 also applies to the technically identical RS6. That is a lot in this case, because we are certainly not talking about a car that is provided with a little more power with ‘a chippie’. Abt pumps up the 4.0 V8, which had previously been boosted to 760 hp, to a very impressive 1,000 hp and 1,150 Nm. The claimed speed gain compared to a standard RS6 or RS7 with 600 hp, see the table below, is enormous.

Standard Abbot Legacy Edition
Assets 600 hp/441 kW 1000 hp/736 kW
Couple 800 Nm 1,150 Nm
0-100 km/h 3.5 sec 3.0 s
100-200 km/h 8.5 sec 5.4 sec
200-300 km/h 37.5 sec 12.8 sec
0-300 km/h 49.5 sec 21.2 sec

Abt accomplishes this through what it calls Indirect Water/Ethanol Injection, or IWI. The indirect ethanol injection provides extremely good internal cooling. The result: more air, more combustion, more power. The IWI system must be activated manually using the existing RS button on the steering wheel of these Audis. For the better Fast-and-Furious feeling, although according to Abt IWI will last as long as you want. And while the ethanol supply lasts, because the stuff must be refueled separately via a nipple behind the original fuel filler flap. One well-filled IWI tank should be good for 3,000 kilometers, although of course it all depends on how often you use the system. Full power is only achieved on petrol with octane number 102. On ’98’ the car with IWI switched on has ‘only’ 940 hp. Make do.

Abt Audi RS7 Legacy Edition

Would you like to have an RS6 or RS7 decorated in this way yourself? That is possible, but there are two hurdles to overcome. The first is surmountable: the Audi A/RS7 has been canceled in the Netherlands and the RS6 is currently not available to order new. However, this is still the case in Germany, so let’s move on. The second bump is a bit more serious: this ultimate ‘booster package’ for your über-Audi costs €205,000. Yes: the package! The car is added to that.

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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