Abt XGT: GT2 racer for public roads

LMS GT2 for the street

Abt XGT Audi R8Abt XGT Audi R8Abt XGT Audi R8Abt XGT Audi R8Abt XGT Audi R8Abt XGT Audi R8Abt XGT Audi R8

Abt XGT Audi R8

Anyone who has sorted out their Audi’s R8 may already think they know this creation by Abt. There is a good chance that you are thinking of an R8 from four years ago, although there is one very fundamental difference.

The Audi R8 is almost gone, but that doesn’t stop the German Abt from going all out again. And by that we mean really letting loose. This is the Abt XGT. You don’t need much imagination to recognize the Audi R8 LMS GT2 that appeared four years ago. It also looks familiar in terms of power, because the Abt XGT squeezes no less than 640 hp from the 5.2 V10, the same as the LMS GT2. However, it is a fraction heavier, although that should not really be called a name. The Abt XGT weighs 1,400 kilos, while the LMS GT2 managed to keep it at 1,350 kilos.

Such weight and such power, in combination with a huge range of aerodynamic extras to keep things tight to the ground, if that doesn’t make for a blisteringly fast monster… And that on public roads. Yes really. That is the biggest difference with the LMS GT2, which was purely intended for track use. Abt emphasizes that this is not an appearance and that this is really a racing car for public roads and not just a supercar with a racing appearance. This is evident in the interior, because you are looking at a typical racing steering wheel and racing cockpit. Of course, everything, including the adjustment of the chassis, can be extensively adjusted to your wishes from here.

As you will understand, the Abt XGT remains a pretty exclusive thing. Only 99 copies are made, largely by hand. The price tag is therefore not cheap: €598,000.

– Thanks for information from Autoweek.nl

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