Accidents with novice drivers are increasing

Accidents with novice drivers are increasing

People who have recently obtained their driver’s license are more likely to cause serious or even fatal accidents than before. The number of penalty points for violations has also risen sharply in the past few years for these novice drivers.

There have been several serious accidents in recent years involving novice drivers. The number of seriously injured and fatalities in traffic is also rising, while the ambition is to go to zero traffic fatalities by 2050. The Public Prosecution Service sees an increase in dangerous behavior ‘across the board’ and points to substance use, speed and distraction as the main causes. of accidents. Precise accident figures among novice drivers are not mentioned.

The number of penalty points that the group of novice drivers has achieved in a few years has risen sharply, according to the Public Prosecution Service after inquiries from One today† In 2019, just under 6,000 penalty points were handed out in total, in 2021 this was almost 9,000. “You get a penalty point if you drive dangerously or recklessly, drive too fast or have an accident with damage or injury,” says national traffic officer Achilles Damen.

Last year it turned out that more and more young people are caught behind the wheel of a car or on a moped without a driver’s license. In 2020, more than 5,000 were fined for this, 30 percent more than in 2019.

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