Add page numbering in Word

Add page numbering in Word Word can automatically label documents with page numbers. They change as you continue typing, so you don’t have to worry about them.

If you create longer documents in Word, you probably want to number the pages. This makes it easier to find the texts. Fortunately, Word keeps track of it all. It is simply a matter of turning on the numbering. Do this like this:

  • Make sure you have a multi-page Word file open.
  • In the Ribbon, click on the tab Insert.
  • click on Header and Footer > page number.
  • A drop-down menu will appear. Choose where the page number should be. For example, put this at the bottom of the page, as many books have. To do this, hover your mouse pointer over ‘Bottom of page’.
  • A menu expands with the different numbering options. The number can be placed in the middle, far left or far right. You can put just a number or also a line for embellishment. Click on a view. You can always adjust this later. We now choose Topline 2.
  • You will see the selected numbering. Click on the button on the right of the Ribbon Close header and footer to return to the contents of the document.
  • If you want a different position and layout of the page numbers, double click on one of the page numbers.
  • Click on the far left of the Ribbon page number and then select a different layout and position.
  • Then click the button again Close header and footer to return to the document.

Often a larger Word document has a cover. The first page will then look different from the rest of the document. A page number is then not desired. Set Word to make an exception for page 1 when numbering the pages.

  • Double-click one of the page numbers in the document.
  • Click in the Ribbon on Options > First page different.

The first page number disappears. The other page numbers simply continue counting from 2.

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