AirTag 2nd generation with improved location determination may not be expected until 2025

Although Apple has not shared any official figures, we can conclude that the AirTag is a success. The smart tracker is frequently linked to items so that you can determine its location.

The current generation of AirTag was released in 2021 and according to Analyst Ming Chi-kuo we can expect a new generation in 2025. According to him, it works more closely with the Vision Pro, Apple’s spatial computer. In addition, Bloomberg reports that the tracker will be equipped with a U2 chip.

AirTag 2nd generation

earlier shared Ming-Chi Kuo on X new details about the successor to the current AirTag. According to him, mass production of Apple’s tracker will start in the fourth quarter of 2024, but he has denied that news amended. According to him, production of the AirTag 2nd generation has been postponed until 2025. It is currently unclear why.

AirTag apple tips

It is currently unknown what exactly the new AirTag will look like. It may retain the current design, but smaller or thinner versions are of course also possible. Kuo also does not share further details about new features and price.

Works together with Vision Pro

Something Ming-Chi Kuo suspects is a closer collaboration with the Vision Pro. He believes that spatial computing is a new ecosystem that Apple wants to expand in the coming years. With the Vision Pro as the core to integrate other devices including AirTag 2.

It is not clear exactly how Apple wants these two products to work together. But the ultrawideband chip in the AirTag probably plays an important role. This allows the Vision to know exactly the distance between the AirTag and the spatial computer.

Improved location tracking thanks to U2 (new)

Locating the AirTag second generation would according to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg become much more accurate. According to him, the AirTag will have a U2 chip, which can currently only be found in the iPhone 15 (Pro) and Apple Watch from 2023. The biggest difference is the ultrawideband range. The U2 works accurately up to 60 meters, with the U1 this is only 10 meters.

AirTag first generation

The current generation of AirTag is still incredibly easy to use and becomes smarter with every software update. For example, Apple has added notifications so that you receive a warning when the connection between a device and AirTag is lost and you are in danger of forgetting it. From iOS 17 you can share the AirTag with multiple people. The development of the first generation has therefore not stopped yet.

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