Alpina shows piece of B4 Gran Coupé

Alpina B4 Gran Coupe

Alpina will soon come with a new model. The manufacturer shows a teaser image of a rear light of the 4-series on Facebook, but does not explicitly mention which model it concerns. However, based on previous espionage photos, it can be established that this is the B4 Gran Coupé.

It is the first time that Alpina will work with the 4-series Gran Coupé. Previously, Alpina marketed the B4 only as a coupé and convertible. The image does not yet show a lot of the B4 Gran Coupé. The car in question is in any case executed in a classic Alpina color scheme: blue with a gold-coloured striping on the side. One subtle adjustment is in any case already visible: the spoiler lip on the trunk. Expect the typical Alpina features such as a revised front bumper, multi-spoke wheels and four tailpipes at the rear.

Under the hood of the B4 Gran Coupé is expected to be the same drivetrain as the B3: a 463 hp and 700 Nm blown 3.0 in-line six that directs its power to all four wheels with xDrive. With that power, the B4 Gran Coupé can reach 300 km/h on the Autobahn. Since BMW itself does not make an M4 Gran Coupé, the Alpina is a nice addition to the existing range from Munich.

At the teaser image, Alpina says, “Born and made in Buchloe!” Buchloe, a town near Munich, is still Alpina’s home town. However, that will change in the long run, because the manufacturer has been officially incorporated by BMW. Alpina will continue to modify and sell cars in the current way until 2025, but after that Alpina will move closer to BMW and production will become part of BMW’s portfolio.

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