Already applied for a subsidy for 15,000 electric cars this year


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What is the status of the SEPP subsidy pot? Well: subsidies have already been granted for almost 15,000 electric cars. This and more is evident from an analysis of the figures from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

In January, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) turned the cap off a subsidy pot that was filled to the brim. A SEPP subsidy budget of €87.4 was made available. Of this amount, €58 million was reserved to make the purchase of a new electric car with a catalog value (tax price) of up to €45,000 more attractive. Shortly before we reached the halfway point of the year, only 30 percent (€17.57 million) of this had been forgiven. A budget has been requested for 5,955 new EVs. There is still 70 percent (€40.43 million) left, good for 13,705 new electric cars.

The part of the SEPP subsidy pot that is intended to encourage the purchase of a used electric car has been running out for months faster than the part that is intended to make new EVs more attractive. Just under a month ago, 48 percent of the €29.4 million in SEPP subsidy available this year for used electric cars had been allocated. This is now the case for 61 percent (€17.9 million). In just under a month, this part of the total subsidy pot has been further depleted by 13 percentage points. SEPP subsidy has been applied for for 8,950 second-hand electric cars. There is still 39 percent (€11.5 million) left, good for 5,750 used EVs. You can look forward to a financial incentive of €2,000 on a second-hand car with an original list value of up to €45,000.

A total of €87.4 million in SEPP subsidy budget is available this year. A total of €35.47 million in subsidies has been requested, meaning 41 percent of the total subsidy pot has been awarded. A total of 14,905 new or used EVs have been requested for a subsidy. So almost 15,000 pieces. There is still €51.93 million available (59 percent), good for 19,455 subsidy applications.

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