Annoying dots on iPhone photos: how to remove them

You may have seen them: weird dots on (night) photos that you took on the iPhone. Annoying, but you can remove them quite easily.

Dots on photos with iPhone

Irritating! Have you just taken a nice night photo on your iPhone, you can see the weird colored dots (often they are green). Especially with a dark background, they immediately stand out and it ruins your photo.

But where do these dots come today and your iPhone might be broken? Just to reassure you right away: there is nothing wrong with your iPhone. And the dots in the photos, you can also remove them afterwards.

These are the dots on (night) photos…

The strange colored dots are lens flares. You see these dots especially when you are photographing a (bright) light source. Any lens can get these lens flares, but you don’t always see them badly. You see the lens flares mainly in dark photos, and especially in night photos.

iPhone 14 Pro camera

You don’t have to worry about your iPhone’s lens getting dirty either. In fact, there’s not much you can do about it yourself. You can retake the photo from a different perspective, but of course that doesn’t help you afterwards. Fortunately, you can remove the dots, but you need an extra app for that.

… and this is how you can remove the dots on photos

To remove the dots on the photos from your iPhone, it is best to use the SnapSeed app. The program is free to use and there are (almost) no restrictions.

Remove dots from photos with iPhone

  1. Open the Snapseed app and tap the plus sign in the circle;

  2. Choose ‘Open from device’;

  3. Select the photo you want to edit;

  4. Zoom in on the spot and tap ‘Tools’ at the bottom;

  5. Tap ‘Equalize’ and tap the spot with your finger;

  6. Repeat the previous step for the other dots;

  7. Tap the check mark at the bottom right, choose export and ‘Save’.

remove dots photo iphone

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