Apple AirTag helps find stolen car

The AirTag has been in the news a lot lately, but luckily we also hear positive stories. For example, an Apple AirTag helped recover a stolen car!

AirTag helps find stolen car

Last week, an AirTag helped police in Memphis, Tennessee, recover his stolen vehicle. After his car was broken into earlier this month, Joshua Wylie decided to leave an AirTag in his vehicle.

The man also installed a surveillance camera in the window of his apartment. He filmed the car day and night. This camera only captured how the car was taken. It was the AirTag that helped recover the stolen car.

AirTag car

Buy AirTag to track car

So it’s pretty smart to buy an Apple AirTag and get it in your car. You can also use the AirTag to make it easier to find your car in a large parking lot. The Apple tracker is of course also handy to put in your suitcase when you go on holiday.

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AirTag often used in stalking

Apple’s AirTag has come up a lot on Unfortunately, more often negative than positive. It is a tracker in the shape of a coin that helps you find lost items. Unfortunately, the AirTag is regularly used for stalking and not what it is actually intended for.


Apple had had enough, too, and already made a few updates to make stalking more difficult. For example, the AirTag now beeps louder. This allows you to hear faster when an unknown AirTag is near you. It is therefore nice that the AirTag is regularly in the news with a positive story about recovering a stolen car.

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