Apple CarPlay 2023: all options in a row

CarPlay is a must in every car, but not every car has this option. No worries! We tell you how to get CarPlay in your car in 2023.

CarPlay in your car

With Apple CarPlay you connect your iPhone to your car radio, on which iOS takes over the screen. You then arrange your music, navigation or pick up your phone when you receive a call. The app icons are deliberately larger than you are used to from your iPhone and you use Siri via voice control, so that CarPlay can be used safely while driving.

Sounds handy, right? Usually this works by laying a cable between your phone and car, but it can also be done wirelessly. If your car does not yet have Apple CarPlay, it is possible to install it by replacing your car radio. If that’s not possible, there are fortunately other options to safely use your iPhone while driving. We show you several options to use Apple CarPlay.

Apple CarPlay dongles in 2023: connect wirelessly

Apple CarPlay 2023: all options in a row

With an Apple CarPlay dongle you no longer need a cable to use the operating system for your car. Your phone automatically connects to the car radio the moment you get in. From that moment on you can immediately navigate, make calls and listen to music.

Most dongles work by plugging the adapter into your car’s USB port. The device then sets up a Bluetooth connection with which you connect your iPhone. After that, your smartphone will always be automatically and wirelessly connected in the future.

  • CarlinKit CarPlay AI Box: for 159.99 euros at
  • Flowkey 5GHz Wireless CarPlay Dongle: 49.95 euros at
  • Car Dongle Pro: for 84.95 euros at
  • Otto Cast Dongle: for 99.99 euros at Amazon

Install Apple CarPlay

Is your car a bit older and is such a handy screen still missing in your car? Then it is often possible to replace your ‘old-fashioned’ car radio for a modern infotainment system with which you can use CarPlay. Pay close attention to which systems are suitable for your car or ask your car dealer.

For example, the new car radio must fit into the appropriate opening in your car. Most screens in the list below are so-called double DIN radios, where the opening must be larger than that of the single DIN variants. The latter is compatible with the old-fashioned car radios and for this you have to go to the Boscer Car Radio Universal.

  • Pioneer SPH-DA230DAB: for 269.99 euros at Amazon
  • Pioneer SPH-DA160DAB: for 331 euros at
  • JVC KW-M560BT: for 269 euros at MediaMarkt
  • Boscer Car Radio Universal: for 109.95 euros at
  • ATOTO F7 XE: 389 euros at Amazon

Once you have the screen in your car, it’s time to install CarPlay. In the video below we show you how to do that – with or without a cable – and how the software works. We also have some practical tips for you.

Also handy: holder for your iPhone in the car

Do you have an outdated phone or car that will not support CarPlay in 2023 and is installing a new car radio great? Unfortunately, it is then not possible to use Apple Carplay.

You can still use your own iPhone, but do so safely. With a holder for your device, you can attach the iPhone to the fan or on your dashboard. After that you can use the iPhone with Siri, for example.

  • Kenu Airframe Wireless: for 69.95 euros at
  • ESR HaloLock with Cryoboost and MagSafe: for 47.90 euros at Appelhoes
  • Belkin phone holder for dashboard or windshield: for 29.99 euros at

Bonus: make your car findable, buy an AirTag!

Maybe you already have an AirTag on your keychain or in your wallet. This way you can always find them quickly via a signal that is sent to your iPhone. Have you ever thought about putting an Apple AirTag in your car? Forgetting where your car is parked is a thing of the past. Moreover, you know where to look if your car is stolen.

  • View the Apple AirTag at Amazon: for 35 euros
  • View the Apple AirTag at for 36.95 euros
  • View the Apple AirTag at MediaMarkt: for 39 euros

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