Apple CarPlay found in Australian police cars

In western Australia we will soon find police cars equipped with Apple’s CarPlay. You can read why they do this in this article!

Police put Apple CarPlay in their cars

In the catchment area around Perth, a large city in western Australia, the police have been digitizing for a long time. Now they have taken the next step; the police are going to equip their cars with Apple CarPlay.

In collaboration with Motorola Solutions, a company that focuses on (digital) security (and yes, sister company of the telephone manufacturer of the same name), the Australian metropolis ensures that all police cars are now ‘smart’. Read in this article what benefits Apple CarPlay has for the Australian police.

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Benefits of Apple CarPlay for the agent

The police report that there are several advantages to the collaboration with Apple CarPlay. This technique is intended for the police who are often on the road to workflow to improve. The voice control of the system also ensures safety for both the police officer and the citizen on the street. The police can keep their eyes on the road.

On the other hand, CarPlay in Western Australia will also ensure that the paper receipt becomes redundant. All traffic violations are automatically sent to the main office via Apple’s car system. According to the police, this would save 180,000 handwritten receipts every year. This is good for productivity and the environment.

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A final advantage is the tracking of the police cars. Using the ‘smart’ cars, the police can more easily build up a network of reported violations. It is also easier to map active police officers and parts of the country where there is little blue on the street. This data collection would make the management of police officers more transparent.

What is Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay is the way to connect your iPhone to your car. The goal is that any iPhone can be connected to any car via the infotainment system. Even the older cars! By connecting your iPhone to the dashboard in your car, CarPlay is automatically activated.

Siri plays a central role in making the CarPlay work. Because Apple’s voice control reads everything, the driver can keep his or her eyes on the road. You can also play music, navigate and view your appointments via the system.

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