‘Apple comes with the largest iMac ever’ (but just a little patience)

Apple is rumored to be coming out with the biggest iMac ever in a while. You can read here how big this iMac will be and when it will appear!

Apple comes with the largest iMac ever

Apple is currently developing a new iMac. This iMac will be the largest the tech company has ever made. According to the usually reliable Mark Gurman, the huge iMac will get a 30-inch screen.

Until now, the largest version of this popular all-in-one computer was ‘only’ 27 inches, but these are the older versions. Apple no longer makes new 27-inch iMacs.

The current iMac is only available in 24 inches. You can consider purchasing a Studio Display (27 inches) and connecting it to your MacBook (Pro), but then you don’t have an all-in-one solution.

Biggest iMac: when is the release?

Gurman declined to say how long we’ll have to wait for this oversized iMac. In his newsletter, he remained vague and said that the largest iMac is still some time away. Some reports speak of two years or even longer. So you still have to be patient for this large iMac.

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At the moment, the iMac 2021 is Apple’s most recent all-in-one Mac. This new version of the iMac left the classic design behind after years and has a colorful jacket. The iMac is available in seven new colors: green, yellow, orange, red, purple, blue and gray.

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This iMac has also made the switch to the M1 chip. Intel chips are therefore a thing of the past, and the iMac runs on Apple’s homemade processors. This makes the desktop faster, more energy efficient and a lot faster at startup.

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