Apple gets bad reviews (iPhone News #11)

Apple gets bad reviews and Apple Maps now has bike routes (but not everywhere). Here’s this week’s Apple and iPhone news!

Apple gets bad reviews: with these complaints

Apple gets bad reviews (iPhone News #11)

Apple receives some pretty serious complaints every now and then. We won’t show you the most intense ones, but we have put together a selection of slightly less severe reviews. If you want to read all the reviews, you can do so on the website from Trustpilot. But be warned!

Read all complaints here

AirPods Pro get new feature in iOS 18


It was already clear that iOS 18 will be a huge update for the iPhone. Now it turns out that iOS 18 also brings a useful new feature to the AirPods Pro. According to the usually reliable Apple expert Mark Gurman, Apple is working on a new listening mode for the earphones.

The AirPods Pro will get these new features

I sold my iPhone 12 and this is what I got for it

iPhone 12 sold

What do you do with your old iPhone? Pass it on to your children or perhaps sell it? We put it to the test and put a green iPhone 12 with 128 GB storage for sale on Marktplaats. The iPhone had a clearly visible scratch on the screen, but we were still able to sell it without any problems.

The iPhone 12 was still worth this

iPhone 16 Pro design leaked: this is going to change

iPhone 16 Pro change

It will take another six months before the iPhone 16 Pro appears, but the design has already been leaked. The leaked design images are so-called CAD files and come from 91mobiles, which often publishes accurate design files of unannounced Apple products.

This is what the iPhone 16 Pro will look like

iPad Air 2024 gets new design (you need to know this)

ipad air 5

According to rumors, the design is not completely overhauled, but still enough to immediately see that you have an iPad Air 2024 in your hands. According to a post on Weibo (a kind of Chinese X / Twitter), the front camera is moving. The camera on the iPaid Air 2024 then moves from the short side to the long side of the iPad.

And this is going to change even more

Apple Maps gets cycling routes in the Benelux

apple maps cycling routes

We’ve had to wait a long time, but Apple has added cycling routes to Maps in Belgium. Apple introduced the function years ago with iOS 14, but never brought the bicycle navigation to the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg. That is now changing, because cycling routes are finally available in Belgium.

Which other countries do the cycling routes reach?

Buy the iPad Pro 2024 ASAP: Here’s why

ipad pro

According to rumors, another new Apple device is on the way. This time it is the iPad Pro 2024 and Apple is planning to make big changes with the upcoming iPad Pro. But don’t wait too long to buy it soon.

Buy a new iPad Pro? Don’t wait too long!

This is how you protect yourself against stalkers on your iPhone

iphone stalker

Various programs and devices have caused problems with the iPhone in the past because they were used for stalking. It soon became apparent that the AirTags had a downside, because they were also used to unintentionally track someone’s location. This way you ensure that your iPhone is always protected!

This is how you protect your iPhone against stalkers!

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